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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 29 July 2021 11:13

1. Why did Abraham and Lot decide to part company?
2. What choice did Abraham give Lot?
3. Why did Lot's choice seem like a good one?
4. Why was it not?
5. Why should we be careful when making decisions in our lives?
6. What is the most important decision we can make in our lives?
7. What promise did God give Abraham?
8. Where did Lot end up living?
9. What should we do when we are tempted to do something wrong?
10. How did Lot get in trouble?
11. Why should we be careful what company we keep?
12. What did Abraham decide to do when he heard Lot was in trouble?
13. What did Jesus have to do in order to save us from our sin?
14. How did Abraham know he wasn't going to be killed?
15. How did Lot feel when he was rescued by Abraham?
16. What did the king of Sodom offer to give Abraham?
17. Why did Abraham not take it?
18. What did the king of Salem bring for Abraham?
19. How does this remind us of the Lord Jesus?
20. What do we have to do to have our sins forgiven?