The feeding of the five thousandPDFPrintE-mail
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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 06 October 2022 17:25
Why did the Lord Jesus have compassion on the people that came to hear Him?
What problem did the disciples have because there were so many people?
What did Jesus say the disciples should do for the people?
Why did Philip think feeding the multitude was impossible?
What did one little boy offer to Jesus?
What did Andrew say about his offer?
What did Jesus do before He broke the bread?
How was Jesus able to use what the little boy offered?
How many people were fed by the fish and bread?
How many baskets of fragments did the disciples take up?
What does this show us about what we give to God?
Where did Jesus go after He sent the disciples away?
What happened around the fourth watch of the night?
Did Jesus know what was happening to the disciples?
Does Jesus know when we go through difficult times in our lives?
How might the disciples have felt when they were in the storm?
What did Jesus do?
What did the disciples think when they saw Jesus walking on the water?
What did Jesus tell the disciples?
Why did Jesus walk on the water instead of just stopping the storm?
What did the Lord Jesus do so our sins could be forgiven?
What do we have to do to be saved?