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Kids videos
Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 22 March 2022 15:07
What kind of choices do people make in their lives?
Why are some choices we make more important than others?
What is the most important choice we can make in our lives?
Why is it the most important?
What choice did Pilate have to make?
What affected the choice he made?
Did he make a good choice?
Why did the Jews bring Jesus to Pilate?
What did the Jews accuse Jesus of doing when they brought Him to Pilate?
Was what they said true?
What did Pilate say he could not find in Jesus?
Why did Jesus have to be sinless?
Why did the Jews say Jesus ought to be put to death?
Who did the Jews choose to be released at the feast?
What message did Pilate’s wife send to him while he was sitting in the judgment seat?
How might Barabbas have felt when he realized Jesus was to be crucified instead of him?
How should we feel since Jesus had died instead of us?
What did Pilate and the soldiers do to Jesus?
Who did the Jews say would not be Pilate’s friend if he let Jesus go free?
What did the people say should be done with Jesus when Pilate brought Him forth?
What do we need to do to have our sins forgiven?