The pool of BethesdaPDFPrintE-mail
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Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 09 August 2022 09:25
What does the name Bethesda mean?
What is mercy?
Why did people gather at the pool of Bethesda?
What did they all have in common?
How is their sickness like sin in our hearts?
What does sin do to us no matter what type of sin it is?
Why was there only a small opportunity for people to be made well?
Who got healed when the waters were troubled?
What should we do if we want to be saved from our sins?
How long had the man lain by the pool in this condition?
Why was he unable to get into the pool in time?
How are we like this man when it comes to our sins?
Who is the only one who can take away our sin?
What did Jesus tell the man to do?
Did the man have faith in what Jesus said?
What does God ask us to put our faith in to be saved?
Does God keep His word?
How might the man have felt being made well after 38 years?
How should we feel when God forgives our sin?
What did Jesus tell the man to do now that he was made well?
What should we do after we are saved?