Peter in prisonPDFPrintE-mail
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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 02 March 2023 13:09
Why did Herod put Peter in prison?
How many soldiers were sent to guard Peter?
What was Peter doing while he was chained?
Why do you think Peter wasn't worried about what would happen to him?
Did God know what had happened to Peter?
Did God care about Peter?
Does God care when we have problems in our lives?
What should we do when we have problems?
What has Jesus promised never to do for those who trust in Him?
What did the angel ask Peter to do?
What happened to Peter's chains?
What did Peter think was happening to him?
How was Peter able to walk out of the prison without being stopped?
What does this show us about God?
Where did Peter go after the angel left him?
What were the Christians doing for Peter in the house?
What was the name of the girl who heard Peter at the door?
Why do you think the people praying for Peter didn't believe it was him?
What does this show us about God?
What way should we pray when we ask God for things?
Why do we need to have our sins forgiven?
What do we need to do to have our sins forgiven?