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The Temple Institute have published architectural plans for the Third Temple. The announcement was timed to coincide with Tisha B'Av on the Jewish calendar (the 9th of Av), which marks the anniversary of the destruction of both the First and Second Temples. The organization have created a presentation video of what they hope the rebuilt Temple will look like once it has been completed. This presentation comes one year after the Temple Institute first launched their 'crowd-funding' campaign to raise money for creating the architectural plans. It's not the first time plans have been published regarding the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. A couple of years ago the reconvened Sanhedrin, the highest religious legal body in Judaism, revealed detailed blueprints for the special chamber where they are to sit. But this is the first time plans for the entire structure have been unveiled...

Temple Institute to make 'important announcement' on July 12th
Dramatic announcement by the Temple Institute leaves followers intrigued
Republic of Ireland votes for homosexual 'marriage'
Ireland becomes the first country in the world to approve homosexual 'marriage' by a public referendum
Vatican to sign treaty with Palestinian state
Highly symbolic deal expresses recognition of Palestinian state in exchange for privileges for Catholic Church
RFID implants in the hand fast becoming a 'fashion accessory'
Society being conditioned into thinking that RFID implants are 'trendy' and that personal identification is always a good thing.
Britain and France urge UN to set framework for Middle East peace
US frustration with Netanyahu could pave the way for a peace agreement to be imposed by the United Nations
Temple Institute conducts practice passover sacrifice
Temple Institute hold full dress rehearsal of passover sacrifice ceremony for the first time in 2000 years
The Word

The way of the ungodly shall perish
The righteous in Christ will prosper but the way of the ungodly shall perish because they have rejected Christ
And this is the condemnation
Love not darkness but come to the light and receive eternal life
Away with you, Satan!
The best strategy against the devil is to submit to God and draw closer to Him through His living Word.
But their heart is far from Me
We often ask people if they know the Lord, but an even better question would be if the Lord knows them?
Heaven and earth will pass away
The words of our Lord will by no means pass away even though everything else will cease to exist.
Sinners to repentance
A man who is righteous in his own eyes can never enter the kingdom of God, and Jesus made it clear that He did not come to call the righteous

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EU Parliament set to vote on Palestinian state
EU Parliament to vote on recognition of a Palestinian state within the 1967 Armistice lines
Red Tide threatens Florida coastline
Massive algal bloom spanning sixty square miles threatens Florida coastline
Nigeria launches national identity and payment card
Nigeria launches a dual identification and electronic payment card
First pure olive oil produced for Temple in 2000 years
First pure olive oil for Menorah produced since the destruction of the Second Temple
Temple Institute complete Altar of Sacrifice for Third Temple
Fulfilment of Daniel's prophecy a step closer now that construction of the Altar of Sacrifice has been completed.
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