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Water flowing from between the stones of the wallWater has begun to emerge from between some of the stones on the Temple Mount. The water can be seen dripping down the stones and pooling on the concrete floor of the synagogue that is located beneath the archway at the Western Wall. A video of the phenomenon appears on the Facebook page of a group called 'News from the Western Wall'. According to the group's page, more than 100 litres has flowed out from between the stones in the last few days, and it appears to be fresh water. The source of the water has not yet been confirmed, but some think it could be a burst pipe, or a cistern behind the rocks within the mountain that is overflowing...

Israel finds huge oil deposit in the Golan Heights
New discovery could meet Israel's energy requirements for decades to come
Temple Institute publishes architectural plans for Third Temple
'Walk-through' presentation of plans for Third Temple revealed on anniversary of First and Second Temple destruction
Temple Institute to make 'important announcement' on July 12th
Dramatic announcement by the Temple Institute leaves followers intrigued
Republic of Ireland votes for homosexual 'marriage'
Ireland becomes the first country in the world to approve homosexual 'marriage' by a public referendum
Vatican to sign treaty with Palestinian state
Highly symbolic deal expresses recognition of Palestinian state in exchange for privileges for Catholic Church
RFID implants in the hand fast becoming a 'fashion accessory'
Society being conditioned into thinking that RFID implants are 'trendy' and that personal identification is always a good thing.
The Word

In all your ways acknowledge Him
In all your ways acknowledge our Lord's sovereignty and seek His glory. The Lord will direct your path if you ask Him to.
Now we are children of God!
God has adopted the believers in Christ into His family and we are no longer strangers and foreigners, but we are His children
If you only believe
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved
My name is Legion
he demon possessed people when they were brought before Jesus, the demons immediately recognized Jesus as the Son of God, and they trembled
The great light
Jesus Christ, God in flesh, came into the world to offer life to those who are dying in their sins. He is the great light and those who saw this light and followed Him, received the gift of eternal life
God shall supply all your need
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

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Temple Institute complete Altar of Sacrifice for Third Temple
Fulfilment of Daniel's prophecy a step closer now that construction of the Altar of Sacrifice has been completed.
First pure olive oil produced for Temple in 2000 years
First pure olive oil for Menorah produced since the destruction of the Second Temple
Temple Institute conducts practice passover sacrifice
Temple Institute hold full dress rehearsal of passover sacrifice ceremony for the first time in 2000 years
RFID implants in the hand fast becoming a 'fashion accessory'
Society being conditioned into thinking that RFID implants are 'trendy' and that personal identification is always a good thing.
Britain and France urge UN to set framework for Middle East peace
US frustration with Netanyahu could pave the way for a peace agreement to be imposed by the United Nations
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