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Collecting water from the Shiloach streamFor the first time in nearly two thousand years, priests trained in the ordinances of the Jewish Temple held a re-enactment of the water libation ceremony. The ceremony used to be carried out during the days of the Feast of Tabernacles prior to the destruction of the Second Temple. Water was collected from Gihon Spring in a golden vessel and carried up to the Temple, where it was subsequently poured out on the altar. Wine was also poured out with the water. In this re-enactment, the water and wine were instead poured into other vessels, as the altar has not yet been reconstructed by the Temple Institute. The ceremony was accompanied by singing, the waving of palm branches and the blowing of the shofar and silver trumpets.

Nigeria launches national identity and payment card
Nigeria launches a dual identification and electronic payment card
Red Tide threatens Florida coastline
Massive algal bloom spanning sixty square miles threatens Florida coastline
Temple Institute launch crowdfunding campaign for Third Temple
Temple Institute launch crowdfunding initiative to finance draft plans of Third Temple
Red heifer born in the United States
A new Red Heifer born in the USA gives fresh hopes for the soon rebuilding of the Temple
Turkey and ISIS battle for control over Euphrates
Turkey and ISIS interrupt flow of Euphrates in battle for the Middle East
Jewish women recreating Temple veil
A small group of Jewish women from Shiloh hope to reconstruct the veil for use in the Third Temple
The Word

My grace is sufficient for you
My grace is sufficient for you
The sign of the Son of Man
At the end of the tribulation our Lord Jesus Christ will appear on the clouds of heaven with great glory and power and His saints who were raptured earlier will also appear with Him
No other name under heaven
There is only one way, one door, and one key to this door. This key to the heaven's door is Jesus Christ
Pressing on toward the goal
Living the Christian life means daily taking our cross and following Christ's footsteps. But the end of everything is glorious because Christ already attained the victory
Resurrection of the dead
The Bible teaches us about the resurrection of the dead and in fact Jesus preached about this and He said that all people who rely on their works will be judged according to their works
When these things begin to happen
No one knows the hour but it will happen in the twinkling of an eye and those who are ready will go with Him

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Red heifer born in the United States
A new Red Heifer born in the USA gives fresh hopes for the soon rebuilding of the Temple
UKIP councillor: Floods divine punishment for 'gay marriage'
UKIP councilor suspended for telling newspaper legalizing homosexual 'marriage' would lead to 'storms, disease, pestilence and war'
RFID self-implant kit goes on sale this month
'Biohacking' kit for self-injecting RFID chips goes on sale this month
Abbas: Israeli withdrawal no longer than three years
Details emerge of Middle East framework peace agreement being developed by Senator John Kerry
EU offers 'unprecedented' aid package for Mid-East peace
The EU has promised to back a future Middle East peace agreement with an 'unprecedented package' of political, economic and security support
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