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New Red Heifer born in the USAThe Temple Institute have revealed that a new Red Heifer has been born in the United States of America. The calf is currently around five months old and its owners are hoping to present it to the Temple Institute for the role of cleansing for the rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. Of course it's not the first time a Red Heifer has been born in recent years. In 2002 another Red Heifer was born in Israel, but it was later disqualified from fulfilling the role after the discovery of a couple of white hairs in its tail...

Turkey and ISIS battle for control over Euphrates
Turkey and ISIS interrupt flow of Euphrates in battle for the Middle East
Jewish women recreating Temple veil
A small group of Jewish women from Shiloh hope to reconstruct the veil for use in the Third Temple
RFID self-implant kit goes on sale this month
'Biohacking' kit for self-injecting RFID chips goes on sale this month
Temple Institute prepares priests for passover sacrifice
Temple Mount organizations hold practice drill for Passover sacrifice
Abbas: Israeli withdrawal no longer than three years
Details emerge of Middle East framework peace agreement being developed by Senator John Kerry
Turkish PM appears as hologram to woo supporters
Erdogan joins growing list of celebrities using holograms to address live audiences
The Word

You are Christ's
Salvation is eternal and once a person is saved by the blood of Christ, he is Christ's forever
While you have the light
The grace of God is abundant and He extends His grace to anyone who is willing to receive it
Everlasting life
He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life
The kingdom of Christ
Rejoice! Our redemption is near, even at the door
The Father and Jesus
Jesus told the truth and He said, he who is of the truth will hear His voice and the truth shall set Him free...
Be anxious for nothing
When we are in a difficult or fearful situation our basic human instincts causes us to worry and panic, and this is because we forget the big picture. In the grand scheme of things...

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The Coming Four Blood Moons
A look at the three remaining Biblical feasts that are to be fulfilled in the Messiah and their relation to the coming blood moons of 2014-2015
Temple Institute preparing for 'perpetual offering'
Temple Institute hold practice drill for perpetual offering for the first time since the destruction of the Second Temple
Former ministers urge EU to enact Israeli 'settlement' ban
Former high-ranking EU officials call on EU Foreign Minister Ashton to enforce boycott of Israeli 'settlements'
Former Spanish FM foresees 'European' peace for Israel
Former Spanish Foreign Minister believes joint membership of EU could pave way to Middle East peace agreement
EU embargo on Israeli 'settlements' to last 7 years
EU boycott of Israeli 'settlements' in Judea, Samaria and east Jerusalem to begin in January 2014 and last seven years
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