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Hundreds of Jews gathered at the Maimonides Rabbinical Institution plaza in Kiryat Moshe yesterday to learn how to carry out a passover sacrifice. Kohanim, Jews belonging to the priestly tribe of Israel, attended the event dressed in the garments the Temple Institute has recreated for them according to the Biblical pattern. Musicians belonging to the Levitical tribe were also there. Organizations associated with the Temple Mount have held similar rituals in the past, but this is the first time that students belonging to the newly established school for priests participated in the event. Ten students have so far enrolled in the new school, with the hope that they will one day be able to serve in the rebuilt Jewish temple.

Abbas: Israeli withdrawal no longer than three years
Details emerge of Middle East framework peace agreement being developed by Senator John Kerry
Turkish PM appears as hologram to woo supporters
Erdogan joins growing list of celebrities using holograms to address live audiences
British Museum: Prototype for Noah's Ark was 'round'
Cuneiform clay tablet from Mesopotamia depicts Biblical flood of Noah with a Babylonish twist
UKIP councillor: Floods divine punishment for 'gay marriage'
UKIP councilor suspended for telling newspaper legalizing homosexual 'marriage' would lead to 'storms, disease, pestilence and war'
Ariel Sharon in critical condition
Former Israeli Prime Minister in critical condition after kidney failure
EU offers 'unprecedented' aid package for Mid-East peace
The EU has promised to back a future Middle East peace agreement with an 'unprecedented package' of political, economic and security support
The Word

Render to God
Render your life to God and let Him lead you in His holy calling
An everlasting foundation
The righteous in Christ have a strong and an everlasting foundation, and they will inhabit the earth and will rule the nations
He did not revile
Let us imitate our Lord in our living and submit to the will of God in everything
Many deceivers have gone out
Let us remain vigilant and grow in our walk with the Lord, for without His presence in us, we are susceptible to the deceivers
Grace to the humble
Those who think they are sinful and need a Saviour, to them God gives His grace through His Son Jesus Christ, and those who think their works will justify them before God, their works God will reject
Believe in the Son of God
He gives grace to the humble who by faith have received and believed in the Son of God

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The Coming Four Blood Moons
A look at the three remaining Biblical feasts that are to be fulfilled in the Messiah and their relation to the coming blood moons of 2014-2015
Temple Institute preparing for 'perpetual offering'
Temple Institute hold practice drill for perpetual offering for the first time since the destruction of the Second Temple
Former ministers urge EU to enact Israeli 'settlement' ban
Former high-ranking EU officials call on EU Foreign Minister Ashton to enforce boycott of Israeli 'settlements'
Motorola looking at RFID 'pill' to identify smart-phone users
Ingestible RFID pill could be taken daily to reduce need for remembering passwords and pin numbers
Israel launching biometric identity card
New biometric database will be used to store identification details on every Israeli citizen
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