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The Temple Institute conducted a practice passover sacrifice last week in anticipation of the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, when the sacrificial system will recommence. It is not the first time the Temple Institute have held the ritual. A couple of years ago a similar drill was conducted by the organization in a basketball court not far from the Temple Mount. Two goats were slaughtered by a Levite dressed in priestly garments, and their blood was sprinkled over a makeshift altar. But this is the first time the complete ceremony has been carried out, including the examination of the lambs for blemishes, the washing of the hands and feet at the laver, the blowing of the silver trumpets, the skinning of the animal and the roasting of its flesh, all according to the Biblical commandment. The Temple Institute stress that this offering is for educational purposes only, as the actual sacrifice can only be carried out on the Temple Mount itself...

Ashers bakery in court for refusing to make cake in support of homosexual 'marriage'
Homosexual activist takes Christian-run bakery to court on grounds of sexual discrimination
Temple Institute complete Altar of Sacrifice for Third Temple
Fulfilment of Daniel's prophecy a step closer now that construction of the Altar of Sacrifice has been completed.
Abdullah: Mideast peace necessary to defeat ISIS
Jordan: Solving the Middle East conflict necessary step towards defeating Islamic terrorism worldwide
ISIS beheads 21 Egyptian Christians and threatens Rome
ISIS decapitates 21 Christians in Libya and threatens to conquer Rome
First pure olive oil produced for Temple in 2000 years
First pure olive oil for Menorah produced since the destruction of the Second Temple
EU Parliament set to vote on Palestinian state
EU Parliament to vote on recognition of a Palestinian state within the 1967 Armistice lines
The Word

Proclaim the good news
Let those who have a ear hear the message of salvation which God offers to all men. Those willing to receive this gift will live with the LORD forever
He is risen!
Because He lives, we who believe in Him shall live as well. Rejoice if you know the Lord for there is no greater joy than in knowing the Lord
All things new
Christ will make all things new one day but until then, remain faithful and live each day in the hope of seeing our Saviour's face one day
The way of peace
There are many who walk in darkness and are headed toward eternal separation from God, and the only good news is Christ paid it all
Child of the King
To those who believe in His name, Christ gives eternal life and it doesn't end there, but we also get the right to become the sons and daughters of God
Trusts in the Lord
Come to the source of all riches, knowledge, and talent, and you will not be disappointed
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New ISIS video purportedly shows mass executions of Christians

Sinn Fein MLAs call for homosexual 'marriage' to become law in NI

EU foreign ministers urge labeling of West Bank goods

Russian TV censors Hilary Clinton campaign video for promoting homosexuality

Michelle Bachmann: Obama's poor relationship with Israel will bring the return of Jesus

Vatican to train army of exorcists to deal with rising tide of demonic possessions

Judge orders £25,000 court costs against 'anti-gender-abortion' campaigner

Could every Israeli soon be obligated to get a biometric ID

White House tweets picture of Obama shooting rainbow from raised hand

ISIS demands $30 million ransom for Christian hostages in Syria

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Red heifer born in the United States
A new Red Heifer born in the USA gives fresh hopes for the soon rebuilding of the Temple
RFID self-implant kit goes on sale this month
'Biohacking' kit for self-injecting RFID chips goes on sale this month
Turkey and ISIS battle for control over Euphrates
Turkey and ISIS interrupt flow of Euphrates in battle for the Middle East
Jewish women recreating Temple veil
A small group of Jewish women from Shiloh hope to reconstruct the veil for use in the Third Temple
Temple Institute launch crowdfunding campaign for Third Temple
Temple Institute launch crowdfunding initiative to finance draft plans of Third Temple
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