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Israel365, an organization that seeks to promotes the Biblical significance of the land of Israel to both Jews and Christians alike, have announced their intention to raise funds for the construction of a royal crown that they hope to present to the King Messiah upon His arrival in Jerusalem.

Special edition Third Temple coin minted for Israel’s 70th anniversary
New commemorative coin featuring US President Trump and Cyrus to garner support for Third Temple
High Priest chosen by the Sanhedrin
High Priest is chosen by Sanhedrin, temple service could recommence in a week if permitted
Temple Institute rehearse Passover 'sacrifice' on Mount of Olives
Full dress rehearsal of Passover sacrifice enacted by descendants of the sons of Aaron.
Temple Institute compiling list of priests eligble for conducting offerings
The Temple Institute begins the second stage of the recommencing of the sacrificial system.
Water emerging from the stones on the Temple Mount
Water source still unknown, some Jews believe it is coming from the foundation stone of the Temple, and could be a sign of the coming of Messiah
Israel finds huge oil deposit in the Golan Heights
New discovery could meet Israel's energy requirements for decades to come
The Word

The heavens declare the glory of God
Every creation of God as beautiful as it is declare the handiwork of God.
I chose you and appointed you
Rejoice! If you belong to Christ Jesus it is because He chose you. We did not make the decision but God chose us to be His children even before the foundation of the world was laid
That they should believe the lie
The Scripture teaches that God will cause a strong delusion during the days of great tribulation on earth, and many will believe the lie and worship the Antichrist
Prepare to meet your God
As Judge, He is the law, but as Saviour He is the gospel. Run from Him now, and you will meet Him as Judge then - and without hope. Seek Him now, and you will find Him
Restore us
Christ has redeemed us and offered us His righteousness. Be reconciled with God through His Son Jesus Christ.
Let us not grow weary
Remember to show Christian hospitality when you get an opportunity and be a witness for our Lord Jesus Christ

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Israeli group seeks to construct Messianic royal crown
Organization hopes that involving people from every nation in the project will hasten the coming of the Messiah
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