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Nigeria launched a national identification card last week, which also doubles as an electronic payment device. Enrolment for the new card began last October, and the government expects around 13 million cards to be issued during the pilot phase of the project. The information on the card includes the bearer's name, birth date, and also a unique identification number that can be used to access biometric identification details from a central database. That unique number can also be used to make small financial transactions using a payment chip supplied by MasterCard. President Goodluck Jonathan was the first to receive his identity card last week. The government hopes that the new system will provide greater security for its citizens in a country rife with corruption, as well as granting wider access to financial services..

Red Tide threatens Florida coastline
Massive algal bloom spanning sixty square miles threatens Florida coastline
Temple Institute launch crowdfunding campaign for Third Temple
Temple Institute launch crowdfunding initiative to finance draft plans of Third Temple
Red heifer born in the United States
A new Red Heifer born in the USA gives fresh hopes for the soon rebuilding of the Temple
Turkey and ISIS battle for control over Euphrates
Turkey and ISIS interrupt flow of Euphrates in battle for the Middle East
Jewish women recreating Temple veil
A small group of Jewish women from Shiloh hope to reconstruct the veil for use in the Third Temple
RFID self-implant kit goes on sale this month
'Biohacking' kit for self-injecting RFID chips goes on sale this month
The Word

Your will be done
Jesus indeed drank the cup and He faced the wrath of His Father on behalf of you and Me.
The salvation of our God
Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved
That I may gain Christ
Our Lord said while on earth we will have trouble and trials and a Christian needs to overcome the world by denying himself and taking up his cross and following Christ daily.
Cast the net on the right side
Our Lord is aware of all our needs, and when we try to do something without seeking His will, our work will be in vain. For us everything should be centered around Christ
Do not keep silent
When the Lord is with you, you don't have to fear anyone. He will prepare you and equip you for the tasks He has assigned you
For he is a chosen vessel of Mine
A radical change came into the lives of the early believers in Christ, not because they were talked into some fairy tale, but, because they witnessed the risen Saviour and the power of the Holy Spirit came upon them

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The Coming Four Blood Moons
A look at the three remaining Biblical feasts that are to be fulfilled in the Messiah and their relation to the coming blood moons of 2014-2015
Former ministers urge EU to enact Israeli 'settlement' ban
Former high-ranking EU officials call on EU Foreign Minister Ashton to enforce boycott of Israeli 'settlements'
Former Spanish FM foresees 'European' peace for Israel
Former Spanish Foreign Minister believes joint membership of EU could pave way to Middle East peace agreement
UKIP councillor: Floods divine punishment for 'gay marriage'
UKIP councilor suspended for telling newspaper legalizing homosexual 'marriage' would lead to 'storms, disease, pestilence and war'
Red heifer born in the United States
A new Red Heifer born in the USA gives fresh hopes for the soon rebuilding of the Temple
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