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Tuesday, 24 May 2022 10:33
What did the Lord tell Elijah to do?
What does the name Obadiah mean?
What was Obadiah doing when Elijah met him?
Why was Obadiah afraid at Elijah's request?
What had Obadiah done to save God's prophets from Queen Jezebel?
What was the name of the mountain Elijah called the people to?
What does the name Carmel mean?
How was this the fruitful period of Elijah's ministry?
How many false prophets were gathered at mount Carmel?
What test did Elijah set so the people would know who the true God was?
What happened when the false prophets called on Baal to burn up their sacrifice?
What does this show us about Baal and other false gods?
How long did the false prophets call upon Baal for?
What did Elijah do at the time of the evening sacrifice to God?
How many stones did he use to build the altar?
Why did Elijah ask for water to be poured over the sacrifice?
How many barrels of water did they pour over it?
What did Elijah pray?
What happened when Elijah prayed?
What does this show us about God?
What did the people say when they saw the fire consume the sacrifice?
What sacrifice has the Lord Jesus Christ made for us?
What do we need to do to get our sins forgiven?