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Written by Jacob Chacko Kallara  
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 20:29
This is my personal testimony of knowing our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Jacob Chacko KallaraGod is gracious and great is His faithfulness. I went to Holy Cross, convent school in Aurangabad, India, and because of the Catholic influence in my school, I attended a Catholic church. I learnt catechism at Church but I knew nothing about being Born Again. My parents have a Christian background and they are members of Marthoma Church in south India. We had a daily devotion time at home and I knew stories from the Bible and I also knew the person of Jesus Christ and yet I was not Born Again.

Brother Michael Ingles who is a preacher in my home town used to come to our house every Tuesday and preached the gospel and I used to sit and listen to Bro. Michael just so I could escape the math lesson that my dad used to take. Even so God’s grace was continually working in me and at the age of twelve I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

Things changed in my life after I accepted Christ into my heart and I emerged more successful in my studies and by God’s grace I pursued engineering degree in Electronics from Government Engineering College. I got my first job through campus recruitment and I felt very blessed because even some of my friends who were more talented than me, did not find a job for a long time. I started working in Mumbai, and then I switched job after two and half year and moved to Bangalore, India. My love for the Lord started growing cold and I was more into worldly thing than serving the Lord. But still God was good to me and He continued to bless me.

I started ignoring the voice of the Holy Spirit and I walked as it pleased my heart.

Then in 2003, the company I worked for in Bangalore, asked me to move to the US to support onsite project activities. Like the prodigal son, I was far from the Lord and I did not acknowledge that I needed a re-dedication of my life to the Lord.

In 2004, March, I got married and my wife moved with me to the US and my relationship with the Lord did not improve. It was not until January 2005 that I realized how far I drifted in my relationship with the Lord. My wife and I were expecting our first child but on 20th January, 2005, she went into an emergency situation. I drove her to the emergency room of a nearby hospital, but after seeing my wife’s complicated condition, the hospital recommended me to take her another hospital. My wife was immediately rushed in an ambulance to another hospital, which was about 5 miles from the first hospital. My wife was in severe labor pain but the doctors were trying to delay the delivery by giving her medications. But on 22nd January, she delivered a 24 weeks old baby boy and we named him Joseph.

Joseph was very premature and hence he was put in a neonatal care and we hoped everything would be alright soon. Four days later, we were still in the hospital room and at around 3:30 AM, a nurse knocked at our door to let us know that Joseph was not doing well as he contracted a serious bacterial infection in his body. All attempts by the doctors were in vain and Joseph went to be with the Lord that day. My wife and I were devastated but even in the midst of this turmoil I felt the comforting peace of God with me.

After couple of weeks, we started receiving hospital bills which my insurance company denied to pay because the second hospital was outside my insurance network. We had a total of $70,000 to be paid to hospital and this left us more devastated, not knowing how we would arrange the funds. I called my insurance company literally everyday after work and spent about an hour, trying to explain them my situation, but everything seemed to be in vain.

One night, in March, 2005, I had a dream and I saw myself standing on a podium preaching to a crowd and I saw our Lord descending from heaven and I heard a voice that said “Go tell everybody that I am coming quickly”. Immediately I woke up from my sleep and I wept. The Lord spoke to me even in my sinful condition. My eyes were opened and I realized the wretched condition of my heart. I re-dedicated my life to Christ and I prayed that I will remain faithful to my God. I was sorry that it took a good bit of chastening from the Lord to catch my attention.

Later one day in April, 2005, just like other days, I called the insurance company again and I spoke to a representative (I believe with no doubt that God opened this door for me) and I explained my case to this representative. Unlike other representatives I spoke earlier, this person showed interest to help me and asked me to get the medical records and prove that my wife was first taken to the emergency room and then to the labor room of the second hospital and only then the insurance company will consider my case. It didn’t make any sense to me but I anyway got the medical records from the second hospital and praise the Lord, indeed the ambulance that drove my wife to the second hospital, took her first to the emergency room and then to the labor room. The insurance company paid everything in full and I owed nothing to the hospital. The Lord blessed me again!

Later in 2005, I was blessed with another job in the US with a good company.

My wife and I were blessed with a son, Daniel, in March 2007. We named our son after the prophet Daniel because I believe in my heart that my son’s generation will see the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Again, God is gracious and great is His faithfulness. His love is great and I urge you to trust the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him into your heart.

With my own testimony I am assured that God is faithful and His word is true:

 If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself. (2 Timothy 2 V13) As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent. (Revelation 3 V 19) 

Praise The Lord!