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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 29 July 2021 11:10

1. Why did Jacob not send Benjamin with the brothers to buy corn?
2. Did Joseph reveal his identity to his brothers?
3. What did Joseph tell the brothers to do to prove they weren't spies?
4. How did being in prison remind the brothers about what they did to Joseph?
5. How did Joseph feel when he heard his brothers talking about him?
6. What did Joseph to ensure the brothers would return again?
7. What did Joseph tell his servants to do with the brothers' money?
8. How did the brothers feel when they found each man's money in his sack?
9. How did Jacob feel when they brothers told him all that happened to them?
10. What did Judah offer to do to protect Benjamin from harm?
11. What did Jacob tell the brothers to take with them?
12. What did the brothers think when Joseph brought them into his house?
13. How did Joseph feel when he saw Benjamin?
14. Why were the brothers amazed when they sat down to eat?
15. How does Joseph remind us of the Lord Jesus Christ?