Joseph is reconciled with his brothersPDFPrintE-mail
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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 29 July 2021 11:10

1. How did Joseph feel when he saw Benjamin?
2. What did Joseph tell his servant to do with his silver cup?
3. What did the brothers say when they were accused of stealing?
4. How did the brothers feel when Joseph's cup was found?
5. How does this remind us of our sin?
6. What did the brothers tell Joseph when they got back to the city?
7. What did Joseph say should happen instead?
8. Why did Judah say Benjamin must return home again?
9. What did Judah offer to do instead?
10. How does this remind us of the Lord Jesus?
11. How did Joseph feel when Judah said this?
12. How did the brothers feel when Joseph told them who he was?
13. Why did Joseph say they should not be angry at themselves?
14. What did Joseph tell the brothers to do?
15. What did Pharaoh do when he heard Joseph's brothers had come?
16. What did Jacob think when the brothers told him their story?
17. What convinced him that what they were saying was true?
18. What does the word reconcile mean?
19. How can we be reconciled with God?