Seven dead in Gaza Strip protestsPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Chris Perver  
Monday, 02 October 2006 00:00

Violence flared between the two main Palestinian terrorist organizations in Gaza yesterday, resulting in the deaths of seven men. Demonstrators loyal to Fatah converged in Gaza City to protest their lack of pay. Due to Hamas' refusal to recognize Israel's right to exist and renounce violence, Hamas was financially isolated by the international community and has not paid employees working for the Palestinian Authority for months. Hamas terrorists moved in to dispel the crowds, killing seven including two teenage boys. This spurt of violence, claimed by some news organizations to be the worst between the two groups since Hamas was elected into government, has prompted President Abbas to call for the immediate creation of the unity government, as stipulated in the National Reconciliation Document. 

Quote: "Abbas has so far declined to exercise his authority to fire Haniyeh and dissolve the government. But pressure is building within his party for him to take bold steps to end the political crisis following his apparent failure to organize a so-called national unity government.

This document was publicly lauded by the European Union as the answer to the current impasse in the Middle East peace process. News organizations worldwide subsequently promoted the plan as implicitly recognizing Israel, despite no such wording being mentioned in the 18 point plan. News organizations encouraged their readers to read between the lines, and it was left up to Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh himself to set the record straight. Will this Prisoners' document, which many are saying could be the basis for a new peace agreement in the Middle East, bring peace to Israel. Not according to Khalid Nufel, a member of the Palestinian National Council. It will instead end fighting between Palestinian terrorist groups, and provide a base for a united front against Israeli "aggression".

Quote: "The member of Palestinian National Council added that Hamas should consider regional and international situation to prevent weakening Palestinians' rights and principles. Asked about the ways in which the Palestinians can counter Israeli threats, he said that they should form the national unity government and adopt a unified stance to face Israeli aggression, noting, individual and group actions are considered inefficient. According to the official, the national unity government will accelerate the achievement of victory [i.e. destruction of Israel - Ed.] and uphold national solidarity. Pointing to national unity as an essential factor in confronting Israeli aggression, he stated that the Palestinians should maintain solidarity to overcome Israel's threats in view of its firm decision to continue attacks on innocent people.

"Victory" meaning in the words of Yasser Arafat, driving the Israelis into the sea. This document, if adopted, and if Israel is pressed into recognizing a future Palestinian unity government, will constitute a covenant of death with Israel's enemies. 

Source Washington Post, Islamic Republic News Agency