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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 20 August 2009 13:03
US President Obama is to present his peace plan for the Middle East as soon as next month, according to a spokesman for the Egyptian government. During their meeting in Washington this week, President Mubarak is reported to have urged Obama to present his plan as quickly as possible, and not to wait for a signal from Israel that it would be willing to comply. Earlier in the week it was revealed that the Israeli government has temporarily halted the issuing of new build tenders in east Jerusalem, in compliance with the new US administration's change in policy over settlement expansion in the territories. President Obama has also been trying to bridge the gaps between Israel and the surrounding Arab states by encouraging confidence building measures from both sides. His overtures have so far been rejected by the main Arab players of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, with only Qatar and Oman willing to increase their cooperation with the Jewish state. The prime focus of Obama's plan will be on a regional agreement, which is to include countries involved in the Middle East conflict such as Syria and Lebanon. A 'rough draft' is to be presented to the main parties at the UN General Assembly in September. Meanwhile, a Palestinian source is claiming to have obtained a copy of the American peace plan, which lists ten criterion that are to pave the way for the establishment of a Palestinian state. Palestinian Legislative Council member Hassan Khreisheh told the Palestine News Network that he believes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has also seen the plan. 

Quote: "- An international presence in the Jordan Valley and other areas in the West Bank
- Reducing the areas of East Jerusalem to be under Israeli control, with respect to the Islamic religious sanctities. It will be under the sovereignty of Arab and Islamic countries.
- Resolving the Palestinian organizations and turning them into political parties.
- Keeping the major settlement blocs in the West Bank, and negotiating on small settlements in three months.
- To keep other areas in the West Bank, demilitarized zones, with Israeli control of the skies.
- To intensify the Israeli-Palestinian security coordination in the West Bank.
- The Palestinian Authority to prevent the establishment of any military alliance with any regional state.
- An assurance by the United States for a Palestinian state in the summer of 2011.
- Agreed to accommodate the number of refugees in the Jordan Valley and other areas in the West Bank, and specifically between the towns of Nablus and Ramallah, and the establishment of an international fund to support the refugees.
- Israel begins release of Palestinian prisoners, with the start of the signing of this Convention, continue to release for a period of three years.

I don't know whether this is legitimate, or whether this report is simply a fabrication. If it is legitimate then there is very little new material here. The idea of a multinational presence in the Jordan valley has already been made public, most recently in a report published by an Israeli newspaper last month of a plan supposedly negotiated between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has already declared that any future Palestinian state must be demilitarized. And both Obama and the Palestinian Authority have given themselves two years, or until 2011, to fulfill their goal of establishing a Palestinian state. There is also no mention of a regional solution here. My own thoughts on this is that any plan which Obama comes up with is more likely to constitute a repackaging of the Saudi Initiative. That is, Arab states will agree to normalize relations with Israel, a set number of 'refugees' will be allowed to return to Israel and the rest will receive compensation, and an international authority will govern Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. If Obama has already drafted his peace plan, he would most certainly have briefed the Israeli Prime Minister on it. The Israeli government has repeatedly said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a matter than can only be resolved through direct negotiations. They would not like the idea of a peace plan being imposed on them by the US or any other country. But as we have seen before, this is the way the Scriptures seem to indicate it will happen. The Bible indicates that a regional agreement between Israel and her enemies will be strengthened by a leader from the European Union (Daniel 9:27). Three and a half years later, the city of Jerusalem will be divided, and a multinational force will be stationed in the east of the capital (Zechariah 12:2, 14:2, Revelation 11:2). But rather than bringing peace and security (1st Thessalonians 5:3), the greatest period of persecution the Jewish people have ever experience will ensue (Matthew 24:21). This will eventually culminate in a third world war, as the nations of the world do battle against Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:2-3). And suddenly the real reason for this whole conflict over Jerusalem will become apparent, as the Antichrist and his armies turn their guns on the returning Messiah and His armies, to try and prevent the Lord from setting up His Kingdom over all the earth (Revelation 19:19). Praise God that the victor of that battle has already been declared (Revelation 19:20). He is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. As you can see, the day of the Lord's return to this earth is drawing near. But are you ready to meet Him? Have your sins been forgiven? The Lord Jesus Christ says that only those who are born again of the Spirit of God are fit to live in His Kingdom (John 3:3). Jesus Christ died so that your sins might be forgiven. He bore the punishment for your sins when He died upon the cross. And all who believe on Him for salvation can have their sins forgiven and have everlasting life in God's Kingdom. Why don't you turn away from your sin and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation today.

Matthew 18:3
And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Source Haaretz, Palestine News Network