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Written by Chris Perver  
Saturday, 08 September 2007 05:58

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has praised Christian churches for helping to encourage closer European integration. The Commission President made the comments while attending an ecumenical conference in Romania on Thursday. Around 2000 people attended the gathering, with representatives from Roman Catholic, Protestant, Anglican and Orthodox denominations. The conference is being held by the Conference of European Churches and the Council of European Bishop's Conferences, whose aim is to find ways towards the reconciliations of all Christian denominations in Europe. Barroso called on the conference delegates to create better understanding between the peoples of Europe, through the promotion of mutual respect in a context of shared values.

Quote: ""The European Commission has always recognised the commitment of Christian churches, which since the beginning have gone along with and encouraged the great adventure of building Europe," Barroso told participants at the third European Ecumenical Assembly. "The churches' contribution to the European unification process is even more relevant when looked at in an ecumenical spirit," he added.

The book of Revelation states that during the tribulation period, a whore will ride the Beast. The Beast is the seventh and last kingdom which shall rule over the earth (Daniel 7:23), also known as the Revived Roman Empire or presently the European Union. There are different opinions as to the identity of the whore in Revelation 17, but I believe that this refers to a false religious system that shall control the Beast during the first half of the tribulation period. A city that sits on seven hills (Rome), rules over many peoples (Europe), a cup in her hand (communion), drunk with the blood of saints (inquisition), great material wealth (Vatican), dressed in scarlet and purple (priests), that reigns over kings (Pope), seems to me to fit the description of Rome quite well. Europe also gets its name from the goddess "Europa", who was carried off by Zeus, disguised as a bull. As we can see, the Roman Catholicism is seeking to bring all Christendom back to "mother church". Many Christians, including many saved Catholics, gave their lives so that we could have the freedom to read and understand the Scriptures in our own language. And in the name of ecumenicalism, many so-called Christians would gladly bring us back into spiritual bondage with this whore. According to Revelation it seems that is the way things will go, for one of the names given to the whore is "Mother of Harlots", Revelation 17:5, indicating that this whore has given birth to children of like character. But praise God that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming for His Bride, His undefiled one, made up of all true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, who has washed us from our sins in His own blood (Revelation 1:5).

Song of Songs 2:10
My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

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