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Written by Chris Perver  
Monday, 20 November 2006 17:00

Javier Solana, the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy, has urged Europe to unite on energy resources, or risk becoming politically isolated. Solana said that the scramble for territory in the past could soon be replaced by a scramble for energy reserves, and that a scramble for energy risks being "pretty unprincipled". He also said that unless Europe speaks with one voice on this issue, European Foreign Policy could be severely affected.

Quote: ""It is in all our interest that we maximise co-ordination in the external area and speak with one voice," he added. However, how far major powers such as Germany, Britain and Italy are prepared to cede power to Brussels to negotiate with energy suppliers, remains to be seen.

At the start of the year, Javier Solana had a brush in with Russian President Putin over the Ukrainian gas crisis. The Russian company GazProm hiked up the price of gas for the Ukraine, after the country elected a pro-Western President. Russia ended up cutting the gas supplies to the Ukraine in the middle of winter, severely disrupting the energy supplies to several European states. Javier Solana got involved and President Putin backed down. But European leaders decided after the crisis that EU energy supplies must be diversified, and this energy crisis must never happen again. It's also not the first time Solana has wished that Europe could speak with "one voice"...

Quote: "In an interview with Die Welt, the EU's high representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, offers some suggestions for how the current crisis in the European Union could be avoided in the future. A "possible cause" for the rift between the EU fifteen is the fact that the EU is not represented by one seat in the United Nations Security Council. "The EU is not represented by one seat in the United Nations. But the problems were created in the United Nations." He noted the differences of opinion ran exactly between the four members of the Security Council - the UK and France (as permanent members) and Spain and Germany (as non-permanent members). "Imagine what influence Europe could have had if it had spoken with one voice?" asked Mr Solana. Speaking with one voice is not just something for the Union in the UN but for "the EU as a whole."

It concerns me that one man should be in control of all of Europe's energy supplies. It has been said, control food and you can control the individual. Control energy, and you can control nations. The Bible hints that there will be an energy crisis during the tribulation period. Many suggest that this may be one of the hooks in Gog's jaw that brings him against the land of Israel (Ezekiel 38:12). Revelation also mentions that hyper-inflation will hit the world's economy, resulting in a loaf of bread costing the same as a day's wages (Revelation 6:6). Amid all this chaos, the Bible states that "one voice" will be given to one man who will take control of the scene.

Revelation 13:5-6
And there was given unto him (Antichrist) a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

Source The Scotsman, Global Policy