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Written by Chris Perver  
Saturday, 27 January 2007 17:00

Sorry there haven't been many updates yesterday or today, I have been quite busy, with Sunday School and spending some time with my cousin...

A new report published by the Global Forum Against Anti-Semitism has revealed a worrying spike in anti-Semitics attacks across the world. According to the report published by the Jewish Agency, Austria and Germany have seen at least a 60% rise in incidents in the last year, while France and Russia have seen a 20% increase. Every year, hundreds of anti-Semitic attacks are recorded. During the Israeli-Hizbullah conflict last year, a young girl was beaten unconscious on a London bus in an horrific attack that lasted for five minutes, after her attackers discovered she was Jewish. Not a single news agency covered the story. In another incident in Germany, a group of Muslim women attacked a girl speaking on a mobile phone to her friend in Israel, after they realized she was speaking Hebrew. Last year the Chief Rabbi of Britain warned the world that a "wave of anti-Semitism" was sweeping across the globe, from predominantly Muslim countries to Western nations.

Quote: "Europe was also scene to "pure white Christian anti-Semitism," Hermon said, citing an article last August by Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder, who wrote in the Aftenposten newspaper: "The State of Israel in its present form is history. We no longer recognize the State of Israel... Do not worry, Israel will go to exile again." Almost all forms of anti-Semitism, from the anti-Israel boycott attempts by the radical Left, to the propaganda of Islamic extremists, shared the attempt to equate the State of Israel with Nazi Germany, Hermon pointed out.

That is an extremely interesting statement. This is the same crime for which mayor of London Ken Livingstone was condemned for (and got away with it), for comparing a Jewish reporter to a Nazi prison camp guard. And of course we have the statements by President Ahmadinejad, who believes the holocaust was a myth, but intends to finish the job the Europeans started. And then all the Nazi graffiti which so often adorns the Jewish graveyards of Europe, courtesy of the neo-Nazi and nationalistic groups. 

And this of course is the same lie that the mainstream "Christian" churches are buying into. Last year, the Church of England decided it would get involved in politics in an effort to rediscover its validity in the modern world. But it seems getting involved in politics necessitates bashing Israel. The Church of Scotland also feels the same way. The view is portrayed in the media that the peace wall is really an "apartheid" wall, that Israel's construction in the West Bank is a "land grab", and that there was once a state called Palestine which has been overrun by the Jews. The sad thing is, when another holocaust does come, you won't need to wonder why the churches never did anything to stop it.

Isaiah 54:15 
Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.

Source YNet News