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"Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book:
for the time is at hand." - Rev 22:10 

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Signs in the sun
GPS could be disrupted in 2011
Scientists are warning that Global Positioning Satellite signals from orbiting satellites could be drowned out by increased solar activity in 2011 and 2012. The solar cycle lasts a period of 11 years, and GPS systems which have become relatively popular during this low period of solar activity, could be disrupted by the next solar cycle which is expected to be up to 50% stronger than the previous one. Charged particles from solar flares emit intense bursts of radio waves around the 1.2 and 1.6 gigahertz ranges, which also happen to be used by GPS for aircraft, naval and emergency location systems, power grids and mobile telecommunications.

Quote: "Navigation, power and communications systems that rely on GPS satellite navigation will be disrupted by violent solar activity in 2011, research shows. A study reveals Global Positioning System receivers to be unexpectedly vulnerable to bursts of radio noise produced by solar flares, created by explosions in the Sun's atmosphere. When solar activity peaks in 2011 and 2012, it could cause widespread disruption to aircraft navigation and emergency location systems that rely heavily on satellite navigation data.

Source New Scientist Tech

Wars and rumours of wars
Israel on heightened alert over Golan
Last week Syrian President Bashar Assad promised financial incentives to Syrians who were willing to take up residence in the Israeli controlled Golan Heights, captured from Syria during the Six Day War. Revelations also surfaced a number of weeks ago that Syrian government officials were buying up land in the Golan Heights, which was likely to become prime real-estate when the territory is handed back to Syria. The Syrian government has become emboldened with the recent conflict between Israel and Hizbullah, and Bashar Assad is now considering forming his own Hizbullah-styled "resistance" army to wage war against Israel. The Syrian President has stated he hopes to reclaim the Golan Heights peacefully, but if hopes for peace faded then war would become the only option. 

Quote: "But Israeli reports have revealed that the threat level had been raised after intelligence assessments that Damascus is "seriously examining" military action. The raised threat level comes as Israel prepares for Monday's Day of Atonement, known as Yom Kippur, a solemn Jewish holiday when the entire country effectively shuts down as residents fast and seek forgiveness for sins. It was on Yom Kippur in 1973 that Israel was caught by surprise as Syrian and Egyptian forces launched a joint attack and inflicted heavy losses before being repelled.

Source Telegraph

Wars and rumours of wars
Khamenei sought Iranian nuclear bomb
Talks between Javier Solana the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy and Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Larijani ended today without any agreement. Iran has once again refused to suspend its Uranium enrichment programme as required by the United Nations Security Council resolution, despite some assurances to the contrary. Javier Solana says he plans to hold a second round of talks with Larijani over the nuclear issue next week.   

Quote: "Several Western diplomats who were briefed on Solana's talks with Larijani said the Iranians were still refusing to commit to suspending their uranium enrichment programme and said Larijani appeared to be trying to drag out talks with Solana. "We have been progressing," Solana told reporters after discussions with Iranian negotiator Ali Larijani. "We still have some issues that have not been closed," he added without elaborating. Solana said he hoped to renew contact with the Iranians by the middle of next week.

But while Javier Solana wrangles with Larijani, and President Ahmadinejad tries to assure the world Iran has no intention of building a nuclear bomb, a letter written by former Supreme leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khameini was published today, revealing Iran's desperate effort to acquire a nuclear weapons during the Iran-Iraq war.

Quote: "The letter from Ayatollah Khameini lists the requirements of military commanders if they are to continue fighting against Iraq. It mentions more aircraft, helicopters, men and weapons, and also quotes the top commander saying Iran would within five years need laser-guided and atomic weapons in order to win the war. Some Iranian news agencies have, however, deleted the reference to atomic weapons in the letter.

Source Independent Online, BBC

Wars and rumours of wars
Israeli killed at start of Ramadan
Police have stepped up security at the Temple Mount this morning as the Islamic holy month of Ramadan commences. Israeli police are restricting entry to the site as thousands of Muslims attend Friday prayers at the mosque.

Quote: ""The Jerusalem police are deployed in the Temple Mount area and the neighborhoods to enforce law and security in the east of the city and the Old City. We have no concrete intelligence about intentions to disturb the order during prayers or specific intentions to carry out an attack in the capital," Jerusalem police chief Maj.-Gen. Ilan Franko told Ynet.

There have been fears Islamic terror groups would mount attacks during the period, as this year the Islamic month of Ramadan coincides with Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year, and it seems those fears have been justified. Earlier today two Palestinian gunmen were killed in an Israeli air strike as they returned to collect a rocket launcher that has been used to fire Kassam rockets into Israel. One man has also been killed and five wounded, as a car bomb was detonated in the city of Tel Aviv...

Quote: "Police said an explosion ripped through a private white car in the suburban community. According to preliminary police findings the attack was criminally motivated, but officers were cautious not to rule out the possibility of a suicide bombing attack.

But it seems the Israelis are downplaying the incident, perhaps in order not to incite Muslim anger during Ramadan?

Quote: "There were conflicting reports about the cause of the explosion - a police source at the scene said it was "criminal" rather than "terrorist". But police sources on Israeli radio suspected a suicide bomber whose explosives had detonated prematurely.

Update: Police have finally named the man killed in today's explosion, as Yosi Afriat, a man involved in a mafia gang.

Source YNet News, YNet News, YNet News, BBC, Jerusalem Post

Signs in the sun
Solar activity up significantly in 20th century
Activity in the sun significantly increased during the 20th century and remains at a high level, according to new research by a team of scientists working in Finland. Global temperatures have risen by 1 degree Fahrenheit over the past 200 years, but scientists have been debating whether this rise can be attributed to natural or man-made causes. It is believed a further rise of two or three degrees could spell disaster for earth's climate. Scientists examined the amount of Titanium 44, a radioactive isotope, contained within meteorites recovered over the past 240 years, and discovered a consistent trend in their results pointing at increased solar activity.

Quote: "Prior research relied on measurements of certain radioactive elements within tree rings and in the ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica, which can be altered by terrestrial processes, not just by solar activity. The isotope measured in the new study is not affected by conditions on Earth. The results, detailed in this week's issue of the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics Letters, "confirm that there was indeed an increase in solar activity over the last 100 years or so," Usoskin told

Revelation states that during the time of the tribulation, that an angel will pour out its vial of judgement upon the sun, and that men would blaspheme the God of heaven because of the great heat. As I've said before, for a long time I believed this may have been related to global warming or depletion of the ozone layer. While that may come into it, to me, a significant increase in solar activity seems to fit the description better. Scientists have already stated that they are expecting this next solar cycle to be 50% higher than the previous, and that this cycle will peak in 2012. Is it possible that this increase in solar activity, which could significantly alter the world's weather systems and disrupt communication, be the precursor to this prophecy?

Revelation 16:8-9
And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

Source Space, SF Gate

Mark of the Beast
Barcode and RFID announce facial recognition scanner
This link from my friend Adam...

The company American Barcode and RFID have announced a new technology solution which they claim is the single answer to security, privacy, and efficiency and cost effectiveness for corporate, pubic and personnel security. Using powerful cameras along with advanced facial recognition software, coupled with an RFID scanner that can work up to a range of 60 feet, Teragate is likely to revolutionize security at important buildings such as airports or businesses. The cameras compare  facial characteristics of individuals against images stored in a central database at a rate of 60,000 per second. The RFID scanner also double-checks the individual's identity against an RFID card (or implant?) they may be carrying on their person.

Quote: "The new technology, TERAGATE, has the ability to recognize a persons identity based on their biometric facial recognition information stored in their employee ID card--- from 60 feet away. The new technology also has the ability to read up to 60 thousand faces in a single second and utilizes UHF RFID technology to track human and physical assets on the same network. Mike Stryczek explained in a statement to the press, "Imagine hundreds of people passing through a 'portal' as powerful long-range, unobtrusive cameras capture facial images that are matched against a data archive at a rate of 60,000 images per second."

With increased security at airports across Europe subsequent to the attempted bombing of British flights destined for America, perhaps it won't be too long before you are walking through a Teragate at your local airport. There is no doubt this technology would solve major problems for security, reducing staffing and waiting times for passengers. But at what price? I've always believed that it will take a major crisis to bring in the Mark of the Beast (the compelled implant), and it seems global terrorism is becoming that crisis. Whether that threat is manufactured by the New World Order or is a natural consequence of the sin of man, I cannot tell. But eventually, those who don't accept the Mark may be deemed a security threat, and be ostracized by their own people. Or worse...

Revelation 13:15
And he (false prophet) had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Source TMC Net

Good news
Christians express support for Israel at Knesset
Christian leaders, including pastors and members of parliament from across the world - all members of the Christian Allies Caucus group, addressed the Knesset today to express their support for Israel. Included in the group were Palestinian and Egyptian Christians, who also expressed their love for Israel as God's chosen people. In his address to the Knesset, an African MP stated that he was planning to run for parliament, and if he won, the Kenyan embassy in Tel-Aviv would be moved to Jerusalem the next day. Another man Amir Boutros, fought against Israel in the Six Day War, also addressed the Knesset. After he was saved he had a vision in which he was told by God to love Israel, and told MKs that "the God of Israel is defending Israel". 

Quote: "Speaking to Ynetnews, Reinstein said that modern events were shaping up to fit well with Torah prophecies. "If you can read the newspaper, than you can read the Torah, because things are coming into place like people have predicted many years before us."

It must be hard for unconverted Jews to understand why Christians, especially ones that fought against them, should love Israel. I remember watching one man that was interviewed on Revelation TV, a former Palestinian terrorist who hated Israel with a vengeance, but is now witnessing for Christ and loves the nation he once sought to destroy. Arab Christian support for Israel shows us that this whole issue has nothing to do with land, or even Jerusalem. It is purely a spiritual problem, and one that can only be solved by a spiritual change in our hearts, through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 19:24-25 
In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land: Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance. 

Source YNet News

Peace agreement
Spain proposes new Middle East peace summit
The Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos has proposed that Spain should host another Middle East peace summit, along the lines of the original peace summit that was held in Barcelona in 1991. The last peace summit, which saw President Bush Snr, Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, along with the Foreign Ministers from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, resulted in the formation of the Barcelona Process and the failed Oslo peace accords. The Barcelona Process, which is a framework for supporting any peace agreement reached in the Middle East, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and was labelled a success by Javier Solana despite the lack of peace in the region. Spanish Foreign Minister Moratinos is suggesting new "key" countries could become involved in a new summit (i.e. Iran, Russia). 

Quote: ""Perhaps it would be timely for all the interested parties to meet again, at the same level as in 1991, to reaffirm their commitment to a comprehensive solution and to the basic principles on which that should be based," he told Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat in an interview published Wednesday.

It certainly looks like Jerusalem is becoming a burdensome stone for all nations, as prophesied in Zechariah, especially with statements now coming from world leaders like Pakistani President Musharraf, that peace in the Middle East hinges on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. 

Quote: ""If the Palestinian problem is solved peacefully other disputes in the world between the West and Muslims will also be solved," said the Pakistani president.":

He has refused to recognize Israel until the Palestinian issue is solved - fearing a Muslim backlash in his own country, but from what I remember President Musharraf was one of the first Islamic leaders to address the American Jewish Congress. The fact that Europe is once again engaged in finding a permanent solution to the situation shows us just how close we are to the fulfilment of end times prophecy.

Zechariah 12:2-3
Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah [and] against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

Source YNet News, Jerusalem Post

Wars and rumours of wars
China warns Taiwan over independence
China issued a warning to Taiwanese Chen Shui-bian today, after the Taiwanese government revealed plans to amend its constitution and rename the island. China, which considers the island a breakaway province, had previously threatened to attack should Taiwan declare independence from the mainland. The US would be forced to defend Taiwan, should the Chinese launch an invasion of the island.

Quote: "Chen's ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is studying constitutional changes to name the island the "Republic of Taiwan", instead of "Republic of China", and redefine its national territory. Party members may introduce legislation next month. "We will never tolerate their seeking de jure independence by amending the constitution," said Li Weiyi, spokesman for China's policy-making Taiwan Affairs Office. "We will closely watch and be on high alert to new developments," he added, calling Chen's plan a "splittist" and "base" act that would threaten peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits and in the Asia-Pacific region.

Tensions have risen in Taiwan recently, after it was revealed China is increasing its military budget significantly, and has currently deployed over 800 missiles that target Taiwan. China also adopted an anti-secession law in 2005, which would permit the use of force against any province that declares independence. Last year China also held joint military exercises with Russia for the first time, which were carried out to help both nations deal with "the fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism".

Source Reuters, Taiwan Headlines

Wars and rumours of wars
Deal close on Iran's nuclear programme
Javier Solana, the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy is in Brussels today, where he is due to meet Iranian nuclear negotiator Larijani for talks. The foreign ministers of the six nations engaged with Iran over its nuclear programme have given Javier Solana two more weeks to reach a deal. According to Solana, Iranian interest in reaching a deal on this issue is at its highest, and it is believed Iran may be willing to suspend Uranium enrichment if a deal is reached. But Iran has demanded the details of any agreement are kept secret, which is bound to raise questions in the six nations. Javier Solana had previously been criticized by EU ministers for not disclosing the details of the offer he presented to Larijani on 06/06/06.

Quote: ""We are working on the meeting with Larijani, but I will not say when nor where until it really happens," she said. "We continue to engage with the Iranians in order to create the conditions for these negotiations." Foreign ministers of the major powers agreed last week in New York to give Solana a few more weeks to try to clinch a deal on launching formal negotiations, setting an unannounced deadline of early October, diplomats said. The Washington Times said under the agreement Iran would halt uranium enrichment for 90 days so additional talks could be held with several European nations.

So things are looking up for Solana in regards to the Iranian crisis. If Solana pulls it off, he will be hailed by world leaders as the man who brought peace to the Middle East - at least temporarily.

Daniel 11:36
And the king (Antichrist) shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done. Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all. 

Source Reuters

Temple Mount
British expert claims Temple artefacts in West Bank
A British researcher is claiming to have located the artefacts that were taken from the Second Temple during its destruction by the Romans in 70 AD. It had been believed that after Titus ransacked the Temple, the artefacts including the silver trumpets, candelabra and other instruments were shipped back to Rome, and were now held in the Vatican's vaults. But according to research carried out by archaeologist Dr. Sean Kingsley, after studying the writings of Josephus, the Temple treasures were returned to Jerusalem and buried under a monastery.

Quote: "Kingsley explained that during the 1990s Israeli and Vatican officials confronted each other on the issue of location of these treasures. Israel even claimed that the Pope was hiding them in Rome. "The Temple treasure remains a deadly political tool in the volatile Arab-Israeli conflict centered on the Temple Mount," said Kingsley. "The treasure's final hiding place - in the modern West Bank... deep in Hamas territory - will rock world religions," he added.

There is no doubt, a find such as this would "rock" the world. It would constitute incontrovertible proof that a Jewish Temple once stood on the site now occupied by the Al-Aqsa mosque. There have also been claims that the ark of the covenant, which was placed inside the Holy of Holies, is concealed in a cave beneath the mount. But the Temple Institute has been painstakingly recreating all the Temple artefacts, including the garments of the High Priest, ready for use whenever the Temple is finally rebuilt during the tribulation period. I strongly suspect we will not see the rebuilding of the Temple (if the rapture takes place before the tribulation begins). I believe it will be built during the first half of the seven year period, and will be defiled by the Antichrist in the middle of that period.

Source YNet News

Gog and Magog
Russia sending engineers to Lebanon
This link from my friend David...

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his desires to send around 300 military engineers to southern Lebanon, to help rebuild the infrastructure that was destroyed during the Israeli-Hizbullah war. Although he has stated this will only happen if all political forces in Lebanon agree to the deployment, the move has caused controversy, due to the fact that Russia's contingent will not be placed under the authority of the United Nations, as has every other country contributing to the relief efforts. The Russian government has stated this force, though initially small, could grow to include armed soldiers on the border of Israel, operating under the UN flag. As I have stated before, Putin has already expressed his desire to become more involved in the Middle East peace process, to act as a counter balance to US support for Israel. And it wouldn't be the first time Russia has made an attempt to secure its own interests in the oil-rich region. Apparently in 1982, Israeli soldiers operating in Lebanon discovered a massive stockpile of Soviet weapons, which they believe were stashed away, ready for any future invasion of Israel.

Quote: "In 1982, Israeli forces battling PLO terrorists in southern Lebanon unexpectedly uncovered a secret but massive cache of Soviet weaponry in deep underground cellars and tunnels. The storehouses contained some 4,000 tons of ammunition, 144 armored vehicles and tanks, 12,500 pieces of small arms, and 515 heavy weapons. Then-Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin said that the Russians had prepositioned enough weapons to "equip not five brigades, but five or six [Soviet] divisions," adding that "we shall need literally thousands of trucks to evacuate these weapons from Lebanon." Begin admitted how badly Israeli intelligence had failed in observing Moscow's preparations for war on Israel's northern border. "Something happened which nobody knew," Begin conceded. "[The] pre-positioning by the Soviet Union of such massive quantities of arms -- and I mean modern, highly sophisticated weapons -- could only be in preparation for some indeterminate future date to overrun Israel, then Jordan, and then Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf States. Otherwise, there is no explanation for the quantities of weapons we have found."

"I will leave but a sixth part of thee", Ezekiel 29:1-2... And that's exactly what the Bible states will happen, as prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39. It appears that during a Muslim conflagration on Israel, at the same time an "evil thought" will come into the mind of Russia's leader, who will send his troops to overrun Israel to take a spoil. Meanwhile, as we hear that Iran's Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power station is 6 months from completion, the Russian Federation is doing everything in its power to ensure the plant is safe from any American or Israeli strike. Russia is offering Iran advanced Surface to Air Missiles, to protect the installations in the event of an attack. 

Quote: "Russian diplomatic and industry sources said Moscow has been negotiating to sell Iran a range of anti-aircraft systems to protect Bushehr from Israeli or U.S. air strikes. The sources said contracts could be signed when Bushehr was ready to begin operations in a move expected to take place in late 2007. "Russia has already installed and manned SAM systems around Bushehr," a diplomatic source said. "The current talks regard an air defense umbrella that would protect all strategic sites in Iran." 

With Europe heavily involved in the Middle East peace process, and Russia now becoming more involved with the Islamic nations mentioned in Ezekiel's prophecy, the stage is now being set for the final showdown between Israel and Gog's armies.

Source The One Republic, Middle East News Line

EU to build fusion reactor in 2007
The European Union has announced plans to build the world's first fusion reactor, along with co-operation from six other nations. Construction of the fusion reactor will begin in 2007 in France, and will cost around 10 billion Euros to complete. With gas and oil prices going through the roof, and nuclear power dogged with fears of radioactive contamination, it is hoped a fusion reactor could help ease the burden on the world's ever increasing energy demands. 

Quote: "European Union nations on Monday endorsed a pact to build an experimental fusion reactor with the aim of developing a cheaper, cleaner, safer and endless energy source. Six other nations - the United States, India, China, Japan, South Korea and Russia - also aim to ratify the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, or ITER, fusion energy project this year so that work can start in 2007 on the 35-year project.

Meanwhile other nations are continuing with plans to build their own nuclear power stations. Britain needs to build at least 10 new nuclear power stations just to meet demands, as older power stations come offline within the next few years. Iran is of course pressing ahead in developing their own nuclear programme, for dubious reasons. And today, Egypt, at the bequest of Hosni Mubarak's son, has also announced plans to build a nuclear power plant.

Quote: "Egypt is to revive the civilian nuclear power programme it froze 20 years ago following the accident at the Chernobyl plant in Ukraine. Egypt's energy minister told the state-owned al-Ahram newspaper of plans to build a nuclear power station. The plant will be constructed at El-Dabaa, on the Mediterranean coast, within the next 10 years.

All this talk of developing nuclear power stations reminds us of the prophecy in the book of Revelation concerning the star Wormwood. The word "Chernobyl" is the Ukrainian word for "Wormwood", a type of bitter grass that grows in the area. Revelation describes a "star" called "Wormwood", burning like a lamp and descending on the rivers, making the water bitter and causing many people to die. Essentially a nuclear power station works much like the core of a star, and the glow of the initial explosion at reactor number 4 at Chernobyl must have looked like a lamp burning in the night. Although the incident happened over 20 years ago, there is still danger from more contamination at Chernobyl. Most of the 200 tonnes of nuclear fuel is still contained with the sarcophagus, which it is feared is in danger of collapse.

Revelation 8:10-11
And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

Source Jerusalem Post, BBC, Dallas News

Britain made island by catastrophic flood
New research by scientists has revealed that the south coast of England, which it is believed was once linked to mainland Europe by a land bridge, was swept away by a Biblical style flood within a 24 hour period. Evolutionists previously believed that the English Channel was formed by hundred of millions of years of slow erosion and sea level rises, but new evidence points to a catastrophic flood that swept away a chalk land bridge within a very short space of time. At one time ice sheets covered much of the British isles. Scientist postulate that these glaciers dammed the North Sea, creating a massive lake. This lake apparently overflowed, and the torrent of water carved out the soft limestone rock that joined England to France. 

Quote: ""In places this huge, underwater valley is more than seven miles (11km) wide and 170ft deep, with vertical sides. Its nearest geological parallels are found not on earth but in the monumental flood terrains of the planet Mars," Dr Gupta said in an abstract published at an academic conference. "This suggests the valley was created by catastrophic flood-flows following the breaching of the Dover Strait and the sudden release of water from a giant lake to the north."

A more likely scenario, I believe, is that the English Channel was created during the time of the flood, after 40 days and nights of continuous rain and the fountains of the great deep breaking up. Only then would you have enough water to cause one of the "most powerful flood events ever known on earth" - according to the head of human origins at the Natural History Museum in London, Chris Stringer. But as the Scriptures say, this they are willingly ignorant of, that God once destroyed the world with a flood. The reason of course for this ignorance is that men do not want to believe that God will once again judge the world for sin.

2nd Peter 3:7 
But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

Source The Australian

Small note. I will be away tomorrow and Sunday at my friend Angela's house. It's her birthday on Sunday. News will resume on Monday. Thanks.
New World Order
Solana: Cultural gap widened after Pope's remarks
This link from my friend David...

Javier Solana, the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy, has stated that the cultural East-West divide has grown significantly since the Pope's remarks about the prophet Mohammed last fortnight. The comments came as Javier Solana, along with many other leaders and influential people attended former President Bill Clinton's conference on world issues. President Bill Clinton, who has New World Order ambitions, was originally set on becoming the next head of the United Nations. Regarding the growing divide between Islam and the rest of the world, Javier Solana has stated it may be necessary for ties to be established between civilizations in order to prevent the gap becoming a gulf. 

Quote: "Solana further said: “The divide that persists in the world is more profound than we think, and we better be aware of that. It’s not getting smaller, but growing.” He also warned listeners that Muslims should not be provoked, even for the sake of free speech and open thought. Noting that governments could take action to prevent the divide from growing further, Solana stressed that this might not be enough, and civil society elements should assume a role to establish ties between the civilizations

And it's not the first time Javier Solana has become involved in trying to bridge this East-West divide. During the Mohammed cartoon crisis, Javier Solana personally toured Middle East countries appealing for calm and apologizing for any offence caused. He was blasted by the Netherlands government for doing so on behalf of those who were not responsible for the publication of the cartoons. And the latest escapade for our friend Solana has taken the form of the Iranian nuclear crisis, in which he presented Iran with the incentive package, personally representing the Six Nations that agreed the offer. Once again, Solana was blasted by those he supposedly represents, this time for an air of secrecy about the whole event. But it seems everyone is willing to trust Javier Solana, the man who is all things to all people...

Quote: "For his part, Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing stressed peaceful and political solution of Iran's nuclear issue and underlined his country's decisiveness to find a diplomatic solution to the issue. He stressed the point that Beijing has full trust in Solana himself and whatever he does.

I wonder how long it will be before ultimate trust will be put in a man like Javier Solana. The Bible states that one day a man will take the reigns of power who will be a flatterer (Daniel 11:21), a political genius (understanding dark sentences - Daniel 8:23) and a military mastermind (Daniel 8:24-25). Of him it shall be boasted, "Who can make war with the beast?", Revelation 13:4. He will deceive the people and be destroyed by the Lord at His Second Coming. Are you saved? If the Lord came tonight to take those who are saved to heaven, would you be ready to go?

Daniel 8:24-5
And his (Antichrist's) power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

Source Zaman, EU Observer, Fars News

Peace process
Hamas offers Israel 5-10 year truce
President Abbas has once again declared that any future Palestinian unity government would recognize Israel's right to exist, and once again Hamas has categorically stated they will not take part in any government that does so. Abbas had previously claimed that any Palestinian Authority government is a result of negotiations with the Palestinian Liberation Organization - which he heads, and as a result would be bound by previous agreement with Israel. But Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh has reaffirmed that Hamas will never recognize Israel's right to exist. So much for Hamas moderating after coming into power, as some politicians had hoped. One of Haniyeh's political advisors, Ahmed Yousef, has stated Hamas would be willing to sign a 5 to10 year truce at the most, but would not recognize Israel's right to exist.

Quote: "Yousef said instead of recognizing Israel, Hamas was prepared to agree to a "long-term truce for five or 10 years, until the occupation withdraws." He was unclear on what Hamas would do if coalition talks break down.

It seems Hamas has stuck to its original plan, seeing any agreement with Israel as only a staging post towards their ultimate goal, the destruction of the Zionist regime.

Quote: ""Hamas has announced that it accepts a Palestinian independent state within the 1967 borders with a long-term truce," Sheikh Hassan Yousef, the top Hamas leader in the West Bank, told The Associated Press, referring to lands Israel captured in the 1967 Mideast war. Yousef said the Hamas position was new and called it a "stage." In the past, Hamas has said it would accept a state in the 1967 borders as a first step to taking over Israel. Yousef did not spell out the conditions for the renewable cease-fire nor did he say how long it would last. "For us a truce means that two warring parties live side by side in peace and security for a certain period and this period is eligible for renewal," Yousef said. "That means Hamas accepts that the other party will live in security and peace."

Of course a truce is better than no truce, and the world would rather Israel would make some sort of agreement with their enemies, rather than have the prospect of more violence in the Middle East. But as Christians, we know that any agreement Israel signs with its neighbours will ultimately fail. We're not dealing with land, or with the fallout from the Holocaust. We're dealing with a religious spirit who is bent on the destruction of God's people according to the flesh. Some sort of agreement will eventually be signed, but it won't be worth the paper it's written on. If a truce was in place by the end of the year, this could mean Israel would be at rest, as prophesied in Ezekiel 38, ready for the coming invasion of Gog and his Islamic hoards.

Ezekiel 38:9-12 
Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee. Thus saith the Lord GOD; It shall also come to pass, [that] at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought: And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest (idle, lax), that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates, To take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places [that are now] inhabited, and upon the people [that are] gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land. 

Source NPR, Israel News Agency

Wars and rumours of wars
Palestinian Authority airs death cult video
While President Abbas reaffirms that any Palestinian Authority unity government will recognize Israel's right to exist and renounce violence, the PA run television station has resumed broadcasting music videos glorifying Shahada (martyrdom). In this particular video, which was often aired during the intifada from 2000-2005, a Palestinian woman is shot in the back by Israeli troops. She is immediately transported to paradise and becomes a virgin. The woman's death angers a Palestinian man, who is also shot in the back by Israeli forces, and is transported to paradise where he meets the woman and her 71 friends...

Quote: ""When the Shahid meets his Maker, all his sins are forgiven from the first gush of blood. He is exempted from the torments of the grave (Judgment); he sees his place in paradise, he is shielded from the great shock, and marries 72 Dark Eyed (Virgins)." [Dr. Ismail al-Radouan, PA TV, August 17, 2001] The PA grants Shahid (Martyr) status to all those killed in conflict including suicide bombers and other terrorists.

As Palestinian Media Watch reports, Shahada is actively encouraged by the Qur'an, Palestinian families and the Palestinian Authority government. And this isn't the only video to be broadcast lately glorifying death for the sake of Allah. Earlier in the year, Hamas broadcast a video of a young Palestinian girl who blew herself up in order to kill Israeli soldiers. In any other country, this would be decried as child abuse, but it is encouraged in Islam. The same blood-demon that caused people to sacrifice their children to Molech, is causing the Palestinians in the same region to sacrifice their children to Allah.

Jeremiah 32:35 
And they built the high places of Baal, which [are] in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through [the fire] unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.

Source Palestinian Media Watch, Little Green Footballs

New World Order
Furore grows over North American Union
These links from my friends James, Ed and David...

According to WorldNetDaily, a top secret meeting between the US, Canada and Mexico took place last week to discuss the recently proposed North American Union, or the Security and Prosperity Partnership. It's been described as "NAFTA on drugs" and should by the year 2010, create a supranational government that is unaccountable to either Americans, Mexicans or Canadians. In other words, an American version of the European Union. The European Union began with a European Coal and Steel Community Pact after the second world war. This was the only agreement that was actually voted on by European citizens. Fifty years later, European governments have - without the consent of the people, pooled their national sovereignties and today the European Commission - a body of unelected, unaccountable politicians, dictates law to member states. The following words are those of Salvador De Madariaga, Javier Solana's grandfather, stating how it is possible to eliminate national sovereignty through an external body, such as the League of Nations. His grandson is now achieving this goal through the European Union.

Quote: "It is a well-known fact that the League works on the principle of unanimity. The alternative to such a principle is a super-state, since on the day a nation could be bound by decisions taken by an international body against its own vote, its own sovereignty would have been transferred to the international body in question...

This is exactly what has happened with the EU. Although I live in Northern Ireland, I am free to travel anywhere within the European Union without a visa - there are no borders in Europe. This of course is very beneficial for me as a citizen. But I'm not too fussed on the idea of people in Brussels making decisions which affect my life, particularly in the light of end time prophecy. According to a report by Dennis Behreandt (dated October 2nd 2006?), this is the situation America will be facing in the not too distant future. The Security and Prosperity Partnership will set up a supranational government, that will have the authority (from whom?) to dictate laws on energy, commerce and even economic and security policy. President Bush is following the recommendations of the Council on Foreign Relations, a body that openly advocates the creation of a New World Order.  

Quote: "A further measure of the speed with which a North American Union is likely to develop is found within the CFR's recommendations for the SPP. That organization, which so often drafts the foreign-policy blueprints followed by the federal government, calls for "the creation by 2010 of a North American community.... Its boundaries will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter within which the movement of people, products, and capital will be legal, orderly, and safe. Its goal will be to guarantee a free, secure, just, and prosperous North America." It is incredible, but just four years from now - if the CFR template is followed - the United States may cease to exist as an independent political entity. Its laws, rules, and regulations - including all freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution - will be subject to review and nullification by the North American Union's governing body.

We've always wondered where America would fit in to end time prophecy. With Middle East, America, Asian, Australian and African free trade agreements all to be implemented by the year 2010, it may be just a matter of time before nationalistic ideas are eliminated altogether, and one authority governs all "nations". Mankind's ultimate goal through all this is world peace, but Satan's goal is to be worshipped as God, and we know where that will lead. But in the meantime, we can still have faith that God is in control of events, and the Most High still rules in the kingdom of men.

Daniel 4:17 
This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

Source WorldNetDaily, Europa, The New American, CFR

Peace Process
Quartet approves PA unity government
Yesterday my suspicions were confirmed that Hamas could never recognize Israel's right to exist, despite efforts to create a new Palestinian Authority government based on a coalition between Hamas and Fatah. I had stated that the will of the international community (namely the Quartet) had been frustrated by Hamas' refusal to comply with the three preconditions laid down by the group, and efforts had been made to move the goal posts for the terrorist organization. Yesterday the PA Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh confirmed those fears, after President Abbas had been claiming a new unity government would recognize Israel...

Quote: "But while Abbas lined up meetings abroad, back in Gaza Haniyeh unequivocally proclaimed, “They demand we condemn the resistance and recognize the legitimacy of the occupation. We are duty-bound to the Prisoners’ Document, which doesn’t recognize the legitimacy of the occupation. “We do not accept the Quartet’s conditions, but we also do not accept that the present situation continues,” the Palestinian prime minister told demonstrators demanding months of unpaid wages. Haniyeh’s comments only reinforced recent statements by senior Hamas elements that the party does not plan to recognize Israel.

This of course is what we've been saying for the last six months. The prisoners' document does not imply recognition of Israel (as mainstream media organizations claimed), nor does it call for an end to violence. Instead it merely places all Palestinian terrorist organizations under the authority of the PLO. Despite Haniyeh's defiance, today the Quartet (EU, UN, US, Russia) lauded Abbas' efforts to create a unity government. Yes, as I said before, the fudge we have all been waiting for has now arrived...

Quote: ""The Quartet welcomes the efforts of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to form a government of national unity, in the hope that the platform of such a government would reflect Quartet principles and allow for early engagement," UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and foreign ministers of the United States, European Union and Russia said in a statement.

Former Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom has decried the Quartet's statement, calling it a "green light to the world to speak with Hamas, without changing its stance for the destruction of Israel". Friends, it looks like the world could end up pushing Israel into an impossible situation, legitimising a terrorist organization bent on Israel's destruction. Unless the international community demands Hamas recognize Israel's right to exist, the whole situation could blow up in Israel's face a few years from now, only now with the blessing of the Quartet.

Joel 3:2 
I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and [for] my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.

Source YNet News, YNet News

NBC to air Madonna blasphemy
While millions of Muslims are up in arms over the Pope's statement regarding the prophet Mohammed and his links with jihad, millions of Christians are indifferent as NBC decides whether it will air Madonna's blasphemous debacle on national television. Madonna was upbraided earlier in the year for her new act, in which she hangs on a cross in mockery of the Lord Jesus Christ. NBC is planning to broadcast the show in November, but hasn't yet decided whether they will air the scene of Madonna's crucifixion. 

Quote: "Kevin Reilly, an executive at NBC, told reporters that the rock star considered the mockery the highlight of her show. "We (NBC) viewed it and didn't see it as being inappropriate," he said in a report on AFA's website, which also contains a request for Christians to contact the network or their local NBC affiliate.

Let's face it, since when did any broadcasting corporation (BBC - Jerry Springer: The Opera, Channel 4 - Swingers, Sugar Rush, etc) abide by any moral code? NBC will show this blasphemy if they can get away with it, as ratings are big money and controversy sells. Only financial pressure will achieve any results, and that means as many people as possible complaining, and if necessary boycotting the station. The BBC and OfCom ignored the pleas of 60,000 Christians in the UK - including my own, but if American's keep silent this will be perceived by NBC as Christian approval of this madness.

Quote: "In the show, Madonna, wearing a fake crown of thorns, descends on a suspended mirrored, disco ball-type cross. When some Christian leaders complained about the mockery, NBC ignored their concerns.

Christ was put to an open shame on the cross for us. Are we too ashamed to stand up for Him?

Luke 9:26 
For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and [in his] Father's, and of the holy angels.

Source World Net Daily, AFA

Peace Process
World may end Hamas boycott for unity government
The United States is considering easing the restrictions imposed on the Hamas government earlier in the year, after President Mahmoud Abbas establishes a new "unity government". After the election of Hamas into the Palestinian Authority earlier in the year, the international community was faced with a dilemma. A terrorist organization that openly calls for the destruction of Israel, commanding a government that receives hundreds of millions of dollars in aid per year. If aid continued, the international community would in effect be financing terrorism. The Quartet (US, EU, UN, Russia) proposed a resolution calling for Hamas to be financially and politically isolated, which worked for a time. Subsequent to that ruling, Russia and other nations broke ranks and invited Hamas leaders to their capitols, giving official recognition to the government. Arab states also broke ranks, pledging hundreds of millions of dollars to Hamas in an effort to stave off a looming financial crisis. In spite of hundreds of Kassam rockets being fired at Israel, Javier Solana the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy, stated that it was not in the best interests of the Middle East peace process for the Hamas government to collapse. President Mahmoud Abbas has been trying to establish a new Hamas-Fatah Palestinian unity government based on the prisoners' document, in an effort to end the power struggle between the two terrorist groups and ease the financial crisis. Israel has stated the "National Reconciliation Document" is an internal matter for the Palestinian Authority, but the EU has publicly lauded the plan, and is using it to spearhead efforts for a lasting peace in the region. 

Quote: "U.N. and European diplomats said they are likely to welcome Abbas' effort to establish a government spanning his moderate Fatah movement, the Islamist Hamas movement which defeated it in elections last January, and leading civil-society figures. The West cut off aid and contact with the Hamas-led government formed in March after it refused to recognise Israel, renounce violence and accept past peace agreements. But the boycott has contributed to worsening poverty and lawlessness in the Palestinian territories, and the Europeans are eager to find a way out. Asked whether the United States agreed with the EU line, European External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said: "As far as I know, more and more partners in the Quartet think this is they way out of the crisis,"

As I've said before, the EU will push this to the hilt. After the Quartet imposed its restrictions on Hamas, they soon realized Hamas could never relinquish its call for Israel's destruction. Former UK Foreign Minister Jack Straw sought to bend the Quartet's resolution without success. Then EU leaders considered whether the three resolutions could be staggered in order to give Hamas more time to reform. Now with a new government headed by Fatah (but containing Hamas ministers), the international community can save face and continue funding these two terrorist organizations - even without Hamas' recognition of Israel's right to exist, while claiming that democracy has prevailed. It's the fudge everyone has been waiting for.

Source Reuters

UK police warn churches on security
They say there is no specific intelligence on attacks in Britain, and so far there has been no violence reported, but the Metropolitan Police are now warning church leaders to contact their local police stations to discuss the potential threat of Islamic retaliation over the Pope's recent comments on Islam. Several Orthodox churches have already been attacked Iraq and the Gaza Strip, and with the protests in London last week it is feared that the situation could get out of hand here too. One British Muslim who organized a protest march through Westminster had called for the Pope to be executed for insulting the beliefs of Islam. Amazingly a spokesman from Scotland Yard stated they had received no complaints regarding the Islamic protest, despite Muslims waving banners mocking Jesus Christ. Now it appears the police have actually received complaints about the Islamic intimidation outside Westminster Cathedral yesterday.

Quote: "It emerged yesterday that Scotland Yard has launched an inquiry into complaints about offensive protests by Muslim extremists outside Westminster Cathedral on Sunday. A well-known extremist, who was accompanied by scores of demonstrators from a group called Muslims of the UK, was reported to have called for the Pope to be "executed". The protesters chanted and waved placards as worshippers left morning Mass. Some of them wore camouflage gear; others wore dark glasses and covered their faces.

Chanting (most likely "Allahu Ackbar"), wearing camouflage gear (suicide-bomber gear, more intimidation), dark glasses and covering their faces (masking their identity like the thugs they are), all outside a so-called Christian cathedral. No, this is not some Middle East state caught in the grip of "militant" Islam. This is Britain.

Source Telegraph, Guardian

Wars and rumours of wars
British Muslim calls for pope to be executed
I said this morning that Britain was on its way to becoming an Islamic terror state, and this afternoon those thoughts have been reinforced. A British Muslim has publicly called for Pope Ratzinger to be executed Sharia-law style, for his comments last week regarding Islam and the prophet Mohammed. Anjem Choudar had previously been charged with incitement to murder, after he was arrested at a demonstration over the infamous cartoons that portrayed Mohammed wearing a turban shaped like a bomb. He helped organize a protest in London, and called for all those who offended Islam to be killed. His march was given police protection as they passed through Westminster, and was only later arrested after a wave of public protest over the incident. Yesterday, Choudar warned that anyone who insulted Islam or Mohammed "was going to be subject to capital punishment", and stated that while he was heading a peaceful protest, there would be others who would carry this "threat" out. Under British law that is incitement to murder, and our friend Anjem Choudar should be locked up.

Quote: "As well as placards attacking the Pope such as "Pope go to Hell", his followers outside the country's principal Roman Catholic church also waved slogans aimed at offending the sentiments of Christians such as "Jesus is the slave of Allah". A Scotland Yard spokesman said of his comments: "We have had no complaints about this. There were around 100 people at the demonstration. It passed off peacefully and there were no arrests." 

Not one complaint about Muslims insulting Jesus Christ? Not even from Muslims themselves who are supposed to revere Christ as a prophet in their own religion. They march peacefully in London, while in Gaza they firebomb churches and in Somalia they are shot dead.

Source This Is London

Wars and rumours of wars
Muslims call for Jihad over Pope's remarks
Where do I start? I've only been on holiday for a week, and so much is happening. Talk of a Hamas-Fatah national unity government, the Pope offended millions of Muslims by complaining about Islamic intolerance, and Israel warned the world that they have just a few months to prevent Iran going nuclear. Serious days. As for the Pope, he simply made the assertion that the prophet Mohammed spread his "faith" by the sword, which according to the Qur'an is an accurate statement. The Pope stated he was deeply sorry for any offence caused, and that the phrase he quoted did not represent his personal views, but Islamic anger is still unabated.  

Quote: "But Mahmoud Ashour, the former deputy of Cairo's Al-Azhar, the Sunni Arab world's most powerful institution, said the pope's comments were not enough. "He should apologize because he insulted the beliefs of Islam. He must apologize in a frank way and say he made a mistake," Ashour told Al-Arabiya TV after the pope's speech that. In the town of Tulkarm, a 170-year-old stone church built 170 years ago was torched before dawn and its interior was destroyed, local Christian officials said. In the village of Tubas, a small church was attacked with firebombs and partially burned, Christians said. Neither church is Catholic, the officials said.

I believe "insulting" the beliefs of Islam is wrong. I wouldn't want anyone to mock my Lord Jesus Christ, or my beliefs. But the Pope's comments are a just criticism of Mohammed and the teachings of the Qur'an, which advocate violence in order to spread Islam. If this is interpreted as insulting the beliefs of Islam, then many of us Christians are guilty of this very offence, including myself. Ironically, Islamic terrorist organizations are preparing to kill Christians in order to prove Mohammed did not spread Islam through violent means.

Quote: ""We tell the worshipper of the cross (the Pope) that you and the West will be defeated, as is the case in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya," said an Internet statement by the Mujahideen Shura Council, an umbrella group led by Iraq's branch of al Qaeda. "We shall break the cross and spill the wine. ... God will (help) Muslims to conquer Rome. ... God enable us to slit their throats, and make their money and descendants the bounty of the Mujahideen," said the statement... Another militant group in Iraq, Ansar al-Sunnah, also vowed to fight Christians in retaliation. "You will only see our swords until you go back to God's true faith Islam," it said in a separate Internet statement.

How long will it be before Christians living in the UK face the threat from groups like al-Muhajiroun, for preaching that God has a Son? If this government continues in the way it is going, it may be sooner than we realize. God will of course give us the patience to endure tribulation.

John 16:33 
These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Source YNet News, Reuters

Back from my holidays in Portrush. Had a fantastic time! Will take me a few days to get up to speed again. I have quickly scanned through all the emails I have received. I just don't have time to update the site with all that has happened while I was on holiday, but I do have a bit of an idea of what has been happening. Thanks to everyone that has emailed. 
Just a short note. News will be non-existent from Tuesday to Saturday of this week. With my friend Angela for a holiday. Thanks
Hamas gunmen torch YMCA centre in Gaza
Ever since the election of Hamas to the Palestinian Authority, Christians and Jews have found it increasingly difficult to live in the Gaza Strip. Hamas has declared their desires to turn the region into a Sharia-state, not by force apparently, but by the will of the people. In other words every person living in Gaza, whether Islamic or not, will have to abide by the laws of the Qur'an. And it seems the will of Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh's thugs is that Sharia law be enforced. Hamas have been persecuting Christians and Jews for years, in an attempt to drive them out of the region, and that strategy has largely been effective. I mentioned a few months ago how Bethlehem, which once had a Christian population of 90%, after 10 years of PA rule now stands at 25%. Part of the reason for this drop is the persecution many non-Muslims now face living in what has become a state governed by a terrorist organization. The YMCA centre in Qalqiliya has come under attack numerous times. They also drew up a petition to present to Hamas, threatening violence unless the office of the YMCA were shut down. "The act of these institutions of the YMCA, including attempting to convert Muslims in our city, will bring violence and tension". Any Muslim who converts to Christianity automatically faces the death sentence under Sharia law, as the whole world witnessed with the Afghan convert earlier in the year. Imams subsequently called on the Muslim population to revolt against the YMCA, and as a result the centre was attacked with firebombs. 

Quote: "Local government sources identified the attackers as members of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups, saying the identities of the gunmen are "well known" to Qalqiliya's security forces, which are controlled by the Hamas government. Saturday's arson follows a series of warnings by the Muslim leadership of Qalqiliya accusing the city's YMCA of missionary activity and demanding the Christian organization close its offices and leave town or face likely Muslim violence. According to local reports, the gunmen Saturday afternoon destroyed the locks on the YMCA's entrance gates, crushed the gates, then entered the building and set it ablaze. Local fire brigades reportedly rushed to the scene and stopped the fire before it spread to neighboring buildings. The building sustained serious damage, YMCA officials said. Qalqiliya police say they opened an investigation into the incident and would hunt down and arrest the attackers.

Source YNet News

Peace process
Syria to allow EU forces on border
While there may be little aftershocks from the earthquake in the Jordan valley this morning, the prophetic aftershocks of the latest developments in the Middle East continue to reverberate. British Prime Minister Tony Blair flew to the Middle East today for talks on the current issues with regional leaders, namely the crisis in Iran, the conflict with Hizbullah and the stalled peace process with the Palestinians. Tony Blair has become the latest in a long line of European ministers to tour the Middle East this week. The Prime Minister travelled straight to Jerusalem to enter talks with Israeli Prime Minister Olmert to discuss ways in which the process can be moved forward.

Quote: ""What he hopes to do is get the momentum ... At least beginning to go back the right way," the spokesman said, speaking on condition of anonymity in keeping with government policy. "If you allow the situation to drift then inevitably you're going to end up with a sort of conflict we had this summer."

In a surprising move, Syrian President Basher Assad has agreed to allow EU troops to monitor the Syrian-Lebanese border to enforce the arms embargo against Hizbullah. Assad had previously threatened to shut down the Syrian border if the UN sent troop to carry out that task. The EU troops will be plain clothed and will not carry weapons. It seems where US and UN efforts have in a way failed in regards to the Middle East peace process, the EU on the other hand grows from strength to strength.

Quote: ""The Syrian president has welcomed my proposal to send border guards from the European Union to control the passage of weapons between Syria and Lebanon," Prodi said in the southern Italian city of Bari. These border guards "will not be armed and will not be in uniform but will have all the necessary equipment to control the passage of weapons toward southern Lebanon," said Prodi, who had spoken with the Syrian president by telephone several times "in the last few days". The guards would number "several hundred", according to Prodi.

This is of course what we predicted would happen several weeks ago. The EU will continue to make efforts to stabilise the whole region, sending in peacekeeping troops where necessary, in order to create the environment in which a regional peace accord could be signed.

Daniel 11:23-24 
And after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people. He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time.

Source YNet News, YNet News

Quake hits Jordan valley
A moderate earthquake measuring around 4.4 on the Richter Scale was felt all across Israel this morning. The epicentre of the earthquake was located in the Jordan valley, the faultline of which runs through the Mount of Olives. There were no reports of damage or injuries.

Quote: "The epicenter of the quake was the Jordan Valley. The quake measured 4.4 on the Richter scale, a moderate sized quake. A number of months ago a light earthquake, 3.2 on the Richter scale, was measured in the Jordan Valley. A year ago exactly on the eve of the Hebrew new year, a moderate earthquake, measuring 4.0 on the Richter Scale, was felt across Israel. The epicenter of the quake was 30 kilometers north of Dead Sea, in the Jordan Valley.

As I've said many times, earthquakes, especially ones located in Israel, can be loaded with prophetic significance. Earthquakes are mentioned frequently in the book of Revelation, and are often linked with significant prophetic events. Earthquakes also marked Christ's death and resurrection. Last year Israel experienced an earthquake and a lunar eclipse - all on the same day, which happened to be Rosh Hashana - the Feast of Trumpets. On Rosh Hashana Jews look for the first coming of their Messiah to deliver them from their enemies. Today's earthquake is no less significant, coming on the day all nations are looking to Javier Solana, the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy, as he discusses with Larijani what the next step will be regarding Iran's nuclear programme. This picture sent to me by my friend Tony shows exactly where the fault line of this current earthquake runs.


The mountain in the above picture is prophesied to split in two, which will provide a haven for the persecuted Jewish nation to flee to, from the wrath of the Antichrist and his armies.

Zechariah 14:4-5 
And his (Jesus Christ) feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south. And ye shall flee to the valley of the mountains; for the valley of the mountains shall reach unto Azal: yea, ye shall flee, like as ye fled from before the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah: and the LORD my God shall come, and all the saints with thee.

Will you be with the Lord on that day, as He does battle against Satan, the Antichrist and his forces? Or as Christ said, "those who are not with me are against me", will you be found fighting a lost war against your Creator and Judge? The time is short, flee to Christ for cleansing from your sins and salvation, before it is too late.

Source YNet News, Agenzia Giornalistica Italia

Gog and Magog
Russia urges international peace summit
Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has met with her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov today, to discuss the situation in the Middle East. Topics on the agenda included Iran's nuclear programme, Russian arms to Syria and the peacekeeping force in Lebanon. Italian Foreign Minister D'Alema was also visiting the Middle East this week, and spoke with Livni on Iran and Gaza. He gave Iran one day to respond to the UN Security Council resolution, calling on Iran to halt all Uranium enrichment. Javier Solana, the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy, is meeting Iranian nuclear negotiator Larijani tomorrow on this issue. D'Alema also called on Israel to restart peace talks with President Abbas. Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres has said that Israel is ready for such negotiations.

Quote: ""We urge the Palestinians and Israel to end the aggression and the cycle of violence sweeping across the Palestinian territories, especially after the kidnapping of (IDF soldier Cpl. Gilad) Shalit, and to restart direct dialogue between the parties," d'Alema told reporters before boarding a flight to the West Bank.

Russia on the other hand, is calling for an international peace summit to be held to address all these issues between Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Last year, President Putin expressed his desire that Russia would get more involved in the Middle East peace process, most likely in order to secure its own interests in the region.

Quote: "While Livni discussed the need for Israel to meet immediately with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas without preconditions, the Russian foreign minister insisted on an international summit to discuss various aspects of the Mideast conflict and advance solutions. "There is some disagreement between us regarding the Israeli foreign minister's claim that an international summit would only complicate processes. All sides involved must meet and speak," Lavrov said. Livni said that as of now, an international summit is not a solution. “We are not enthused by the Arab League's initiative. In the past, such summits were launched with a bang but ended in disappointment,” she said. With that she added, "An immediate meeting with Abbas is necessary so we can hear about the problems in the PA from him. This doesn't mean there will be peace by tomorrow morning, but we need to examine what is needed in order to discuss the future."

I've never known a time when so many countries have been pushing for some sort of agreement in the Middle East. Arabs, Jews, Europe, Russia and the UN all seem to be pushing towards some sort of goal by the end of this year, and it seems the international community permitted the conflict with Hizbullah to occur in order to get more involved in the region. I guess more than ever before, Israel and Jerusalem have become a "burdensome stone" and a "cup of trembling" for all nations.

Zechariah 12:3
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

Source YNet News, Jerusalem Post, YNet News

Dividing the land
Group launches campaign against disengagement
A group calling itself SOS Israel is launching a new advertising campaign calling on Israel's leaders to end the disengagements which have resulted in a national catastrophe. Under the heading "This is the sin (the disengagement) and this is its punishment", the advertisement shows several Israeli leaders, all who have apparently suffered various disasters of their own since the disengagement from Gaza one year ago. SOS Israel believes all these events, former Primer Minister Sharon's stroke, and investigations into President Katsav's alleged rape case, IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz' financial irregularities, former Justice Minister Haim Ramon's sexual harassment case, Minister Tzachi Hanegbi's political misconduct, etc. are Divine judgement for the sin of dividing God's land. There is a blank space for a final photograph, with the words "to be continued...", a possible reference to Olmert's convergence plan. 

Quote: "The Head of the organization Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolfe said: "As we all know, we are now in the month of Elul – a month of self-examination. And the national self-examination of the people of Israel today is how and why did such a disaster of the security situation take place? By rummaging through the events of the past year, we can see that whoever approved and carried out the destruction of Gush Katif and northern Samaria, thus assisting al Qaeda, Iran and the Hizbullah, is punished by God, including the president who during the disengagement remained quiet and called on the settlers to leave their homes.

Prime Minister Olmert has since decided to "shelve" his convergence plan for Judea and Samaria, after the disastrous results for Israel in Lebanon. But I suspect if Olmert's government does not fall before 2010, that his plan will be "resurrected" after public dissent over Lebanon abates.

Source YNet News

3000 Western Jews made Aliyah in summer
The seventh planeload of Jewish immigrants from the United Kingdom and the United States landed in Israel yesterday since this summer. The flights have been organized by Nefesh b'Nefesh, which has been helping hundreds of US and UK families move to Israel for the past four years. That translates into around 3000 Jews from these two countries alone, not to mention the hundreds that are coming back from Russia and other countries. Over 11,000 Jews have made Aliyah to Israel in the first six months of this year. 

Quote: "Nefesh b'Nefesh co-founder Rabbi Yehoshua Fass addressed the new immigrants, speaking about the experience of seeing Biblical prophecies being fulfilled. "Walking down the aisle of the airplane, seeing an 85-year-old and a 5-year-old share this same process; seeing a couple who survived the Holocaust filling out their paperwork; seeing single olim [Jewish immigrants] exchange numbers - it is truly a time of redemption."

One of the men in the photographs wears a white T-shirt which reads, "Dear America, Thank-you and Shalom. We have to go home now. Your friends, the Jews". I guess that sums it all up. In spite of economic difficulties, linguistic barriers and the security situation in Israel, many Jews share a special affinity with God's land, and are coming in their thousands in fulfilment of ancient Biblical prophecy. 

Isaiah 49:22
Thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I will lift up mine hand to the Gentiles, and set up my standard to the people: and they shall bring thy sons in [their] arms, and thy daughters shall be carried upon [their] shoulders.

Source YNet News, Jewish Agency

UK MPs warn of increasing Anti-Semitism
British MPs have published a new report on the increasing trend of anti-Semitic attacks being carried out in the UK, warning that more must be done to combat this particular type of crime. The report called on the police to record anti-Semitic attacks, and for an investigation to be carried out on why less than 10% of anti-Semitic attacks result in prosecution. The report also warned anti-Jewish sentiment was now affecting people who didn't consider themselves racist or bigoted. Last year UK Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks warned of a "tsunami" of anti-Semitism that was sweeping across Asia and would soon hit Britain.

Quote: ""Acts of violence and abuse towards Jews are an affront to any modern society," said panel chairman Denis McShane, a former Foreign Office minister. "The most worrying discovery of this inquiry is that anti-Jewish sentiment is entering the mainstream, appearing in the everyday conversations of people who consider themselves neither racist nor prejudiced.

I wonder if the newspapers and media organizations that report on the Israeli "massacres", such as the Gaza beach incident, the Qana "massacre" and the destruction in Lebanon has anything to do with anti-Jewish sentiment entering the mainstream? If the government is serious about combating anti-Semitism, rooting it out of the mainstream media first will make the job a whole lot easier. Public perception is formed by these organizations, and without blogs such as Little Green Footballs, Honest Reporting and other groups determined to stand up against this media jihad, who knows how Israel might now be perceived in the world? 

Source Reuters

Gerry Adams meets Arab Knesset members
They won't meet with Hamas, but they will meet with one of the biggest terrorists in Northern Ireland. Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Ahmad Tibi met with Gerry Adams today, and discussed "discrimination" that was being perpetrated by the Jewish state against Arabs. Now if there was genuine discrimination against Arabs by Israel, I would be the first to condemn it.

Quote: "Adams was also interested in government allowances to Arab citizens. "I mentioned the October riots and the killing of 13 citizens by the police and we compared it to 'Bloody Sunday' in Northern Ireland," he said. Bloody Sunday took place on November 21, 1920, when the British massacred innocent Irish people in a soccer stadium in response to the actions of the IRA. "This is an educated man with broad perspectives who takes an interest in minorities all over the world. He feels the discrimination and oppression in his blood and he show empathy toward minorities and oppressed nations. I explained to him that the struggle of the Arab public is a political, public, and parliamentary struggle," said Tibi.

Actually, "Bloody Sunday" took place in Derry in January 1972, during the height of the troubles. The British army was ordered in to break up civil rights demonstrators. Derry is Republican heartland in Ulster. It is believed shots were fired at the army by IRA snipers, who then responded themselves killing 13 people. Sinn Fein leader and IRA member Martin McGuinness was one of the people present on that day, and as far as I know admitted off the record to having fired the first shots at the army. The "Bloody Sunday" inquiry was the UK's longest most expensive public enquiry.

Quote: "According to Tibi, "I would be happy and proud to meet with the leader and figure who fought for freedom and independence, who has resisted foreign rule of his country. I appreciate Gerry Adams and his activities as a symbol of the struggle for freedom and shaking off a foreign and oppressive regime."

That of course depends on who's side you are on. For hundreds of thousands of law-abiding residents in Ireland - Catholic and Protestant, North and South, Gerry Adams is a cold blooded killer. Thanks to people like him, the IRA brought death and bloodshed to the streets of Northern Ireland for over 30 years, murdering over 300 police men and women - some lynchings even caught on video, and over 1700 civilians. That's Gerry Adam's legacy of "freedom" and fighting an "oppressive regime". As regards "independence", a majority of the people of Northern Ireland still want to remain part of the United Kingdom. 

Source YNet News

Peace process
Arab League: Negotiations by end of 2006
Ministers from the Arab League met to discuss an Arab proposal on moving the stalled peace process in the Middle East forward today. Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa also discussed the plan with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan yesterday. Under the proposal, the United Nations would take a lead role in making sure any peace agreement is implemented.

Quote: "Details about it remain sketchy, but according to a document obtained by The Associated Press, Arab nations are proposing an international conference under the sponsorship of the Security Council that would initiate direct negotiations between Israel, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinians by the end of 2006.

But Israel and the US aren't so keen on the Arabs dictating peace, especially seeing its these nations that refuse to even recognize Israel's right to exist. The Arab peace plan only guarantees recognition after Israel withdraws from all territory taken in 1967, including East Jerusalem. Also, as a European leader is to confirm this agreement, I don't believe the UN can make the deal. But events in Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian Authority - all Israel's immediate neighbours, do seem to be converging together, with Israel being pressed to resolve issues in south Lebanon, the Golan and Gaza all at the same time. And the timing of these talks, slated for the end of 2006, is another significant sign that a covenant of peace with many nations could soon be confirmed. After Hamas was elected into the Palestinian Authority, President Abbas stated he believed he could have a peace agreement signed with Israel within 6 months. That was in February of this year, but it still looks like an agreement could be on the table before 2007 begins.

Israel must soon choose which "covenant of peace" they are willing to accept. Prime Minister Olmert's "covenant of peace" with Israel's enemies, who they were told never to seek the peace of, and which will lead to the division of the land and the near destruction of the nation during the tribulation period, or the Lord's "covenant of peace"...

Ezekiel 37:25 
And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob my servant, wherein your fathers have dwelt; and they shall dwell therein, [even] they, and their children, and their children's children for ever: and my servant David [shall be] their prince for ever. Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them: and I will place them, and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore.

Source Jerusalem Post

Peace process
EU may stagger Hamas' three conditions
I said yesterday that recent comments from EU President Erkki Tuomiojafin showed that the EU had no intention of sticking to the three conditions laid down by the Quartet after Hamas' election into the Palestinian Authority. And today it seems that statement has proven to be accurate. European officials are now questioning whether they were right to bundle the Quartet's three key demands together, believing it may have been too big a change too soon. Rather, some in the European Union are advocating that these preconditions for Hamas' acceptance into the international community are staggered, opening the way for talks rather than isolating the terrorist organization. 

Quote: ""No one is questioning the need for the three conditions," a senior European diplomatic source said. "But maybe if you cannot get wholesale adherence by Hamas to these three conditions, why not start with one, and see where that gets us." He said that the one condition that should be insisted upon is an immediate stop to terrorism. "That is more important than the rest," he said. "After that, we could talk about getting them to accept the Oslo framework." This, he said, could then lead to the implied recognition of Israel, because the Oslo framework is predicated on a two-state solution. "But this [recognition of Israel] is not something that needs to be up front," he said.

It seems the only mistake I made was the order of the demands. European diplomats are saying that ending terrorism is the most important precondition, while I thought that recognition of Israel's right to exist was the most important. Perhaps the Europeans think that Hamas is unlikely to compromise in that area, seeing their charter calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state on all land now occupied by Israel. It could be easier to get Hamas to agree to halt the violence, rather than to agree to a Jewish state ruling over Muslims, which is in contradiction to the prophecies of the Qur'an. As we saw with former British Foreign Minister Jack Straw, EU officials will do anything to water down their original key demands, by insisting Hamas does not have to recognize Israel's right to exist, only recognize the "fact" of its existence. That of course is no bar on Hamas renewing the fighting at a later date, when it decides it can no longer tolerate that "fact".

Source Jerusalem Post

Peace process
Deal close on release of Shalit
Israeli Prime Minister Olmert has stated he would be willing to meet President Abbas after the release of Corporal Gilad Shalit, who was captured in Gaza before the start of the conflict with Hizbullah. With a recent offer of mediation from Egypt, it appears that a deal could be close. A deal, according to former Prime Minister Shimon Peres, could pave the way for new talks on the implementation of the Quartet-backed roadmap. Mahmoud Abbas had previously offered to hold peace talks with Israel as head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, which doesn't include Hamas. Egypt has offered to hold Shalit temporarily, while Israel releases hundreds of murderers from its jails in a "prisoner exchange". Israel has yet to agree to the deal.

Quote: ""Abu Mazen (Abbas) should be invited to talks, and I believe the prime minister will do so in the coming days. Negotiations must be launched on the basis of the 'road map'," Peres told Israel's Army Radio, referring to a U.S.-led peace blueprint. "When this (captive) situation is resolved, it (a meeting) will take place," he said.

As far as I know, Mahmoud Abbas also intends to announce the formation of a new "coalition" government within the coming days. Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh had demanded that Hamas leads the new government being in the majority, although President Abbas stated that was out of the question and would no doubt be completely unacceptable to Israel. With European opinion softening toward Hamas, as revealed by EU President Erkki Tuomiojafin's recent comments, there is no doubt a Hamas-Fatah coalition would result in a restoration of the 600ml Euro aid package to the Palestinian Authority, in return for a covenant of peace with Israel. 

Quote: "The prime minister [Haniyeh] said talks about power-sharing between his Hamas party and the moderate Fatah movement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas were drawing to a conclusion. "We are not talking about problems, only procedures to complete the discussion," he said. "I hope this will be completed in a short time."

Source Reuters, Reuters

Wars and rumours of wars
Israel considers pre-emptive nuclear strike
My cousin Jessica attended Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle last night in Belfast, where she heard Pastor Jim McConnell speaking on his recent trip to Israel. I wished I could have heard what he said, but I was at my own meeting. But Jessica has just given me a run down on Pastor McConnell's experience. He took the trip on his own, and was praying that the Lord would lead him to speak to the right people. On his journey to Israel he witnessed over 800 Russian Jews arriving at the airport. Asking them why they were coming to live in Israel, they said they didn't know, but they had left jobs, friends and everything else to make a new life there. Jim McConnell ended up meeting with an Israeli tour guide, who had fought in the three major wars since the birth of Israel. During his discussions with the guide, McConnell asked him if the holocaust would ever happen again. The guide became angry and said Israel would never allow it to happen again. He said Israel's back was against the wall now (in relation to Iran, etc.). Jim McConnell asked how Israel could prevent a holocaust from occurring again, and the guide replied that Israel would be prepared to use nuclear weapons in a pre-emptive strike. He said they would turn the lands of their enemies into a "glass parking lot" (the heat from a nuclear explosion melts sand into glass). Jane's Defence estimates that Israel has at least 400 nuclear warheads, enough to destroy an entire world should it consider to attack the nation. 

Quote: "Although Israel has often said that it would not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the region, Israeli officials have often publicly implied that certain circumstances - especially the use of chemical weapons by their enemies - would elicit a nuclear response. In fact, evidence indicates that Israel might launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike under certain conditions.

Jane's Defence also states that Israel's main nuclear weapons installation is vulnerable to attack. A couple of well placed low-yield nuclear missile could damage the facility enough to prevent a major Israeli nuclear retaliation. This is perhaps why Israel is currently investing in two German second-strike nuclear submarines. According to Jane's Defence, this vulnerability could form part of the equation that might lead Israeli politicians to decide a pre-emptive nuclear strike - the Samson option, was necessary to ensure Israel's survival.

Quote: "The size of the Israeli nuclear arsenal, the uncertainty of how it would be used and the risk of a mistake raises many questions in the unstable Middle East. Although Israel is the dominant conventional military power in the region, could the vulnerability of its nuclear force tempt the Israeli Government to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against another country? There is also the question of Israel's growing nuclear arsenal - even though its enemies are geographically small and militarily weaker. These questions must be answered if a serious miscalculation is to be avoided in the future.

When you consider the geographical size of Israel, along with the fact that the Israeli population is centred in just two main cities, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, any strike by a nuclear Iran would have devastating consequences. Tel Aviv would be the target of choice, as this would cripple Israel's economy and kill hundreds of thousands of people. Ahmadinejad would most likely not mount an attack on Jerusalem, which is also revered in Islam. Under these circumstances, Israel could find itself having to use nuclear weapons against Iran or Syria, just in order to guarantee its own survival.

Quote: "Israel is a one-bomb state, meaning that a single nuclear weapon would dramatically change the nature of the country. The country could not tolerate the human or economic disaster that would result from a single low-yield nuclear explosion. This is the nightmare image that Israeli nuclear scientists and government officials have calculated over and over again, ranging across various scenarios regarding type of weapon, nature of impact, and probabilities of secondary and tertiary crisis waves spreading through the metropolitan area, the nation, and the world. The "Never again!" resolve takes on new meaning when one bomb promises to bring the entire nation of Israel to its knees.

All these facts have led Pastor McConnell to believe that Israel may mount a pre-emptive nuclear strike during the tribulation period, which would bring all the nations of the world against it in the battle of Armageddon.

Quote: "Former army Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon says Israel has the ability to launch a pre-emptive strike that could set back Iran's nuclear program for years. He said that a single attack would not be sufficient, and that Israel was not limited to air strikes, a possible reference to submarine-fired missiles. Ya'alon who ended his term as army chief last year, said Israel's anti-missile defenses would protect it from an Iranian counterattack.

Jeremiah 49:23-27 
Concerning Damascus. Hamath is confounded, and Arpad: for they have heard evil tidings: they are fainthearted; there is sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet. Damascus is waxed feeble, and turneth herself to flee, and fear hath seized on her: anguish and sorrows have taken her, as a woman in travail. How is the city of praise not left, the city of my joy! Therefore her young men shall fall in her streets, and all the men of war shall be cut off in that day, saith the LORD of hosts. And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall consume the palaces of Benhadad (the name of a Syrian ruler - like Pharaoh).

Source Wikipedia, Jane's Defence, Free Republic, Payvand

12yr old Jewish girl beaten unconscious in London bus
The Community Security Trust has revealed that anti-Semitic attacks spiked in Britain during the Israeli-Hizbullah conflict in Lebanon. A total of 92 incidents were documented by the organization in July alone, the third highest figure ever recorded. I commented on some of the attacks during the conflict, which included a Israeli man and his wife being set on by a group of Muslims in a Turkish market and a concrete block thrown through the doors of a synagogue in Australia. Anti-Semitic attacks in Britain have increased by 75% since the 1990's, and as I reported previously, these figures are causing over 350 Jews per year to leave their home in Britain to live in Israel. It's a shocking statistic, for what is meant to be a modern, tolerant democracy.

Quote: "The CST said there had been 92 anti-Semitic incidents in Britain in July, coinciding with the conflict between Israel and Hizbollah in Lebanon. That was the third highest recorded monthly figure and while there were few violent incidents, it included death threats, hate-mail and the daubing of graffiti, such as "kill all Jews" scrawled over the home of a Jewish doctor in London. More seriously, a 12-year-old girl was beaten unconscious by seven youths on a London bus after being asked what her religion was. "The basic trend is now that we are seeing about 75 percent more incidents than we were during the 1990s and that's something that is really concerning," Gardner told Reuters.

But its not just British Muslims that are becoming increasingly intolerant of the Jewish people. Had I heard of the above incident, I wouldn't have hesitated to put it on the website. A 12 year old Jewish girl who was beaten until she was unconscious by a group of girls (Muslims?). The most shocking thing about this incident is that it was carried out on a London bus, and that no other person on the bus intervened to stop a violent attack that lasted for five minutes! Words fail me.

Quote: "One girl hit the victim around the face with her phone, slapped her several times, grabbed her hair and pulled her to the floor, where she was kicked and stamped on. She was left with a fractured eye socket, bruising and swelling to her face and chest. "All I remember is her stamping on my face," she said. "Me and my friend were screaming. Then I blacked out. There were four people on the bus who didn't do anything." After regaining consciousness, the girl and her friend tried to pull the bus doors open to escape. She said: "The driver heard the attack and didn't open the doors. A boy opened the doors for us and I ran off."

But more shocking than that, this story was completely ignored by the mainstream media when it happened (over a week ago). I should know, I check the news every day. I did my own Google search on this incident, and eventually I came across a news article detailing it. I counted a total of 4 websites that picked up on the story, The Scotsman, This Is Local London, Jewish Telegraphic Agency and Die Jüdische. I'm not the only one that is absolutely dumbfounded that such an attack could take place in my country virtually unnoticed, while the news media concentrates on demonising Israel for so-called atrocities in Lebanon.

Quote: "A headline caught my eye on the daily alert Email from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and so I checked out the story: "Wow," I thought. "Probably the British press is all over this. Let's find out more." And so I headed to Google News. And there was a grand total of one account of what happened. By a local London paper. Not one national story. And it happened last weekend?! I asked my source of everything British and Jewish what was going on. She hadn't heard the story -- thought she might have seen in mentioned in the Jewish Chronicle.

Source Reuters, This is local London, An Unsealed Room

Peace and rumours of a fudge
Gerry Adams to meet Hamas and Fatah
Now this is something I didn't expect. Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein - the political wing of the IRA, is taking a trip to Israel to meet Ismael Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas - the political wing of the Al-Qassam Brigades. For those who don't know, the IRA has a long history of involvement in the Middle East conflict. Everything from gun-smuggling to training Palestinians on how to build home-made mortars and pipe bombs. They even trained Palestinian terrorist organizations on how inflict maximum casualties on civilians, by detonating explosives in succession of each other in order to kill people fleeing the initial explosion. These are all IRA trademarks used by the organization in its 30 year "campaign" in Northern Ireland, and trademarks that have been emulated by Palestinian terrorists. Well it seems Sinn Fein's success in Northern Ireland (for those who don't know, Sinn Fein is banned in the Republic of Ireland's parliament) has caught the eye of none other than the head honcho himself, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Fatah movement.

Quote: "Adams said he had been invited to the region by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Fatah movement that Hamas defeated in elections earlier this year. The two rival forces are currently negotiating about potentially forming a coalition government. The Sinn Fein chief said he also planned to meet Hamas leaders of the Palestine Legislative Council and deliver a speech at a peace center named in honor of Shimon Peres, Israel's current vice premier, who was a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994. 

Gerry Adams claims his visit is about promoting peace and honouring international law, yet when it comes to respecting the rule of law in his own country, Adams' actions speak louder than his words. And I'm sure I don't need to go into all the details. Gerry Adams masterminded the technique of "the ballot box in one hand, and the armalite in the other", in other words using the twin tracks of violence and politics to achieve a stated goal. And there is no doubt he has been successful. It is this approach that I guess has caught Abbas' eye. If President Abbas can create a coalition government that appears interested in peace, while at the same time distancing himself from members of his own party (Hamas) who will continue the violence, perhaps he can fool the international community and achieve his goal of destroying Israel, one way or the other. 

Source YNet News

Wars and rumours of peace
Military sources: Israel planning for war with Iran
This link from my friend Andy...

According to sources in Israeli military and political circles, Israel is planning for a war with Iran they now deem as inevitable. President Ahmadinejad has openly defied the UN Security Council, telling Kofi Annan his country would not halt enrichment, while Javier Solana, the Six Nation representative for the nuclear incentive package, states that there is now no deadline for Iran in regards to the nuclear issue. These recent developments may mean Israel will have to face a war with Iran in the not too distant future, or risk facing a nuclear war with Iran in a few years time. Military officials in Israel previously stated that any strike on Iran would have to be carried out within months, in order to be effective in halting progress on the nuclear programme.

Quote: ""The challenge from Iran and Syria is now top of the Israeli defence agenda, higher than the Palestinian one," said an Israeli defence source. Shortly before the war in Lebanon Major-General Eliezer Shkedi, the commander of the air force, was placed in charge of the "Iranian front", a new position in the Israeli Defence Forces. His job will be to command any future strikes on Iran and Syria. The Israeli defence establishment believes that Iran's pursuit of a nuclear programme means war is likely to become unavoidable. "In the past we prepared for a possible military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities," said one insider, "but Iran's growing confidence after the war in Lebanon means we have to prepare for a full-scale war, in which Syria will be an important player."

Amid all this talk of war, the talk of peace continues. The Arab League has been holding special sessions aimed at achieving a consensus among Arab nations on how the Middle East peace process should proceed. The Arab League is planning to meet in New York on September 19th, before presenting their document to the UN Security Council. President Abbas is also engaged in talks with Hamas regarding the Palestinian prisoners' document, a separate issue, but one that has already been publicly lauded by the European Union. 

Quote: "The Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and the Arab League are holding intensive talks in recent days in an attempt to formulate an "Arab vision" for advancing the peace process. The final document is to be delivered to the United Nations Security Council at the end of the month, according to the east Jerusalem-based al-Quds newspaper. Hisham Yousef, head of the office of the Arab League's director-general, said that the Arab League's plan would include a schedule for the revival of the peace process and the renewal of the Arab-Israeli negotiations.

And while the Arabs are doing their best to ensure they get a fair deal in any forth-coming peace agreement, our friend Javier Solana, High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy, has been given a mandate to act on behalf of the European Union to push the Middle East peace process forward.

Quote: "Ministers agreed that united action by the EU over the summer had made a positive impact on efforts to stabilize the situation in the Middle East. Tuomioja said that EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana already has the mandate of the member states of EU to work to move the peace process forward and to be in contact with all the parties involved. He particularly emphasized the importance of cooperation with the United States and Arab nations.

Could Javier Solana be our "prince"? He certainly has the backing of Europe to do the job in any case.

Daniel 9:26 
And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people (Romans) of the prince that shall come (Antichrist) shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

Source Times Online, YNet News, China View

Peace and safety
PA to announce new government in 10 days
Well it all seems to be coming together. That's if you have faith in Kofi Annan's diplomacy skills. The UN Secretary General has seemingly secured the co-operation of Syria and Iran in the Israeli-Hizbullah cease-fire. I learned something last week from my friend Cliff, that Kofi Annan is a Muslim. That may partially explain why some of Mr Annan's statements regarding Israeli "massacres" in Lebanon have been so extreme, while Hizbullah generally gets away with murder. Hizbullah still roams southern Lebanon and is still armed to the teeth with Syrian and Iranian missiles, yet it seems everyone in the international community is willing to turn a blind eye so long as nobody rocks the boat. It seems this peace is going to be a fudge. Javier Solana, the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy has said he will give Iran two more weeks before responding to their latest rebuff to the UN Security Council over the nuclear issue. Solana is desperate to keep Russia and China on board - who have openly declared they are against sanctions at this time, and the US - who has declared they will push for sanctions regardless. Javier Solana will meet Iran's nuclear negotiator Larijani next week, on behalf of the six nations. Meanwhile Solana's push for Middle East peace may pay off sooner than we think, as Fatah and Hamas announce a new Palestinian Authority government could be formed, based on the prisoners' document. 

Quote: "At the conclusion of a Saturday meeting between Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and President Mahmoud Abbas – the fifth such meeting in the past 48 hours – Abbas’ spokesperson Nabil Abu Rdeneh said the two leaders had made significant progress and a unity government was expected within ten days. Abu Rdeneh told reporters that the meetings were aimed at reaching an agreement on the minimum basic principles for establishing a joint government.

A more "moderate" Palestinian Authority would of course enable the EU to continue foreign aid to the government, and could theoretically form the basis for a new "peace" agreement with Israel if Solana gets his way. Apparently Syria also believes Israel is about to return the Golan Heights, whether by peace agreement or war I don't know. But this could also bring Syria into the "covenant" equation. That would in effect allow Israel to sign a peace covenant with all of its neighbours. Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian Authority would join Egypt and Jordan in making "peace" with Israel, possibly all at the same time. All we need is a man to choreograph this altogether, and there is no doubt he is now waiting in the wings until his time comes.

Daniel 8:25 
And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he (Antichrist) shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

Source YNet News, YNet News, YNet News, YNet News

Astrologer predicts Israel's doom in 17 years
Sorry, not too many updates today, was working heavily on my auntie's website, Adventure Leadership Training website. Please do have a look.

Bring forth the monthly prognosticators! A prominent Arab astrologer, who has supposedly accurately predicted the deaths of prominent Egyptian artists and writers, has predicted 2007 will be the start of increasing conflict that will end in the destruction of Israel 17 years from now. Dr Sayyed Mohammad Ali has also supposedly predicted the conflict in Lebanon, an Israeli war with Iran by the end of the year, and that China and Russia would be involved (maybe he is reading Prophecy in the news?).

Quote: "According to Ali, during that year, China, Russia and India will back Syrian President Bashar Assad in his confrontation with the United States and the war and "Palestinian resistance to Israel" will increase. The year 2007 will mark the beginning of the countdown for the destruction of Israel, a process that will last 17 years, he claimed.

Mr Sayyed uses the occult practice of astrology to make his predictions, and therefore while his results do correlate with what the Bible teaches about end time events, this man's words should be shunned for the false prophet that he is. You see, Revelation teaches that the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. If prophecy does not glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, then it is from a satanic source and should be disregarded. Even in Old Testament times, the Lord warned Israel that if he sent a false prophet into their midst, who made predictions that came true, and then called them to go after other gods, they were to not listen his words (Deuteronomy 13). There is one thing that demons hate after God, and that is God's chosen people Israel. And the fact that Sayyed predicts Israel will be destroyed - in complete contradiction of God's Word, shows just where he gets his information from. Let's stick to the Bible, we know it's 100% accurate, for we know Who its source is.

Isaiah 47:13 
Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.

Source YNet News

Peace and safety
Solana pushes for Middle East peace
Over six months ago, Hamas was swept to power in the Palestinian Authority government by a landslide victory. Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip had created a political vacuum which was easily filled by a terrorist organization that is responsible for hundreds of murders and openly calls for Israel's destruction. The result of the election created a legal and moral dilemma for the international community, who could not continue to financially support a government that was now run by a terrorist organization. Hamas was initially isolated politically and financially, apart from a few who broke ranks with the Quartet's official line. Today the current EU President and Finish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomiojafin has stated the European Union must talk with Hamas. What has changed? Apparently not Hamas, even though the current EU President seems to think so. Hamas still retains its weapons, still calls for the destruction of Israel and still has not honoured previous PA agreements, all of which were the three basic preconditions set down by the Quartet after Hamas' election. Yet the President trusts Hamas enough to give them a central role in the peace process? No, Hamas remains the same. Apparently the EU blinked first...

Quote: ""The European Union must conduct talks with Hamas," Finnish Foreign Minister and current EU President Erkki Tuomiojafin was quoted as saying on Friday. Tuomiojafin told a German newspaper that the EU needed to change its stance towards Hamas and conduct negotiations if the movement was willing to take a central role in a peace process. "Hamas is not same movement since the Palestinian Authority elections," said Tuomiojafin.

If one thing has changed within the past six months, it has been Lebanon. With Israel and Hizbullah unable to end to conflict (surprising considering Israel's military might), the EU has been forced to act as a mediator in order to bring about peace in the region. EU ministers are currently meeting in Finland to discuss both Iran and the current situation in the Middle East. Javier Solana, the High Representative of the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy, will be meeting with Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Larijani in Berlin next week, but not to press for sanctions after the country breached the UN deadline for ending Uranium enrichment. Instead Europe plans to continue dialogue with Iran on the nuclear issue. Once again Europe has blinked first... And as European Union troops land in Lebanon, EU leaders are discussing the best way to use their military might to create an environment in which a peace agreement could be signed. Exactly what we've been predicting for a long time. Meanwhile, Javier Solana is pressing Europe to pave the way for new peace talks based on a return to Israel's pre-1967 borders...

Quote: "EU President Finland is hosting the meeting in a 17th century fortress in the town of Lapeenranta, where ministers will study how to leverage their growing military presence as peacekeepers in southern Lebanon to bring about regional talks. European officials argue that the fragile ceasefire between Israel and Lebanese Hizbullah guerrillas and continuing Israeli-Palestinian violence can be resolved only by a political process leading to a negotiated settlement. In efforts to win a wider Middle East peace, a spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said he would urge ministers to pave the way for new talks based on a return to Israel's 1967 borders "plus or minus agreed minor adjustments".

All President Abbas needs to do now is get his "National Reconciliation Document" - which calls for the creation of a Palestinian state on land captured during the Six Day War, agreed with Ismael Haniyeh. Once that happens, Solana will press Israel and the surrounding nations to agree to it. And they will for the sake of peace, even if it's a fudge. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert has already stated he hopes Israel could soon sign an "eternal covenant of peace" with their neighbours.

Friends, there is no doubt we are now nearing the beginning of the tribulation period, for the tribulation period will begin with a seven year peace agreement in the Middle East, brokered by the European Union. Everything seems to be falling into place exactly the way the Bible predicted. Are you ready?

Exodus 19:10-11
And the LORD said unto Moses, Go unto the people, and sanctify them to day and to morrow, and let them wash their clothes, And be ready against the third day: for the third day the LORD will come down in the sight of all the people upon mount Sinai.

Source Jerusalem Post, Reuters, Reuters