Hamas now ready for war with IsraelPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 17 October 2006 00:00

As Israel prepares to gear up for a possible "invasion" of Gaza next week, in a last ditch effort to secure the release of Corporal Gilad Shalit, members of the Hamas terror government announced today that the group has completed preparations for a new conflict with Israel. Previous intelligence reports have revealed Hamas has smuggled tens of thousands of tonnes of heavy weaponry across the Egyptian border, including anti-tank explosives and long range rockets. It is believed that Hamas has taken note of Hizbullah's "success" in the north, and is preparing for a long-distance war with Israel should the "peace" fail.

Quote: "The spokesman, Abu Ubaida, said that his organization has the weapons it needs to withstand the Israeli arsenal: "We have the tools and ammunition to deal with the Zionist enemy and it is our right to have all the weapons means to defend our people in light of the enemy's intention to hurt civilians and innocents. We have a right to any arms we can get." He added that Hamas is ready for the challenge that Israel poses, should it decide to open an all-out front. "We are ready willing and able," said Abu Ubaida, "we have completed our preparations to teach the Zionist enemy a lesson that he, with Allah's help, will never forget. This attack will become a nightmare that will haunt the Zionists everywhere. Your failure in Gaza will repeat itself, but this time the lesson will be much harder. Our fighters are already lying in wait to ambush the enemy. If the enemy thinks that invading Gaza and confronting Hamas is a simple thing, then he is living in an illusion."

Other intelligence reports have also revealed Syria may also be planning for the eventuality of war with Israel in the immediate future. Brigadier-General Yossi Beyditz stated in a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, that Syrian activity in the Golan Heights has not returned to normal since the end of fighting between Israel and Hizbullah. 

Quote: ""The Syrian army is not deployed in its routine form. Since the war in Lebanon, Assad has not returned his forces to the same positions they were holding before the war. However, their deployment indicates only a defensive positioning, waiting for Israel to attack, and not for any offensive purpose," Beyditz said.

Syrian President Bashar Assad had stated his country was ready to make peace with Israel, but if no peace came within six months there would be war. Assad has also promised financial incentives for Syrians who are willing to buy up property in the Golan Heights. And finally, US intelligence experts are predicting if the current stalemate over Iran's nuclear programme continues, the West will need to be contemplating some sort of pre-emptive strike around March 2007.

Quote: "If Iran continues to make progress toward nuclear weapons capability, despite heavy international pressure, a surgical military strike against one of its key facilities-such as the uranium-enrichment plant in Natanz or the uranium-conversion facility in Isfahan-would become more politically feasible. Analysts at the Eurasia Group, an international consulting firm, predict that surgical strikes are likely "by the [United States] or Israel during the first quarter of 2007."

Someone once said, "beware the ides of March". Friends, all is not looking well for Israel next year. Hamas and Syria are just waiting for Israel to make the first move. The Israelis have said they will not let Iran have a nuclear weapon and face a second holocaust. If Israel decides enough is enough, they may well find they will have Syria and the Palestinians to deal with too. Couple that with events in Pyongyang. Would Israel then consider using a tactical nuke on Damascus, if it felt significantly threatened by its Islamic neighbours?

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