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Written by Chris Perver  
Sunday, 04 February 2007 17:00
This link from my friend Adam...

Al-Qaeda has ordered its terrorist cells in Britain to carry out kidnappings and beheadings, senior security sources have revealed. The plot was discovered by MI5 last Autumn. Al Qaeda had planned to kidnap a Muslim soldier and behead him, in a similar style to the recent beheadings carried out in Iraq on British citizens working in Iraq. The government has ordered a permanent SAS combat unit to be stationed in London, trained to respond to a hostage situation, in order to prevent such an attack.

Quote: "One well placed source said: "Cells in the UK have been alerted to carry out this type of attack as opposed to the more sophisticated type of bombing in which you place a large number of volunteers at risk. All you need for a beheading is a bit of courage and a sharp knife." The order to encourage "low-tech" assassinations is said to follow a review by senior Al-Qaeda planners after an alleged plot to smuggle bombs onto airlines was foiled by police last August.

Last year the SAS responded to a hostage situation in Iraq in which a British peace activist, Norman Kember of Christian Peacemaker Teams, was kidnapped by a terrorist group. The group had threatened to behead their captives, but the US and UK staged a massive operation and Norman and his friends were freed from their captors. But upon being rescued Norman stated he planned to go back to Iraq. The organization that sent him to Iraq expressed joy that their three workers had been released, but refused to thank the soldiers that risked their lives in the process, instead choosing to blame US foreign policy for the cause of the insecurity. I guess that's "Christian" gratitude for you. 

There are those who say that these Islamic terrorist organizations are giving Islam a bad name, and that Islam is a religion of peace. But it's not just nationals linked with Western foreign policy that are being beheaded by Muslims. Christians in Indonesia, Afghanistan and Iraq have also been faced with the threat of beheadings, most recently three Indonesian Christian girls on their way to school. When Muslims carry out beheadings the Western world condemns it, but the Islamic world debates on whether it is being done properly according to the Qur'an. Islam does not mean "peace" as so many claim, it means peace through submission to Allah, and the only peace that is promised to followers of Jesus Christ is the peace of the grave. 

Source Times Online