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Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 01 May 2007 17:00
...but not in defence of the fundamental doctrine of creation. Many churches across the world will be holding special meetings to express their support for the anti-God theory, which proposes the men arose from monkeys and that death and decay is not a natural consequence of sin, but part and parcel of how our God works. "Evolution Sunday" is the brainchild of Michael Zimmerman, a biology professor at Butler University in Indianapolis, who hopes support for the event will refute claims by creationists that Christians cannot hold on to a belief Scripture as well as evolutionary theory.

Quote: "Local signers of the letter say the point of the letter is to reconcile evolution with faith in the public debate over evolutionary theory. "I think it's perfectly consistent with religious conviction," said Tom Boyd, David Ross Boyd emeritus professor of philosophy and religious studies. Boyd, who signed the Clergy Letter, also is an ordained Presbyterian minister. "You can still believe that God is the creator and accept evolutionary theory, but if you take the Bible as an inerrant historical text, then, well, a lot of Christianity is split along that fall line."

Of course your can still believe God is the Creator as well as believe in evolution. That's if you are prepared to believe in a theory which at best leaves God in charge of the parts of evolution which science can't yet "explain". Like how the cosmic egg was created that exploded resulting in the big bang, how an explosion can create order, how our galaxies formed, how DNA was created, how the human eye evolved, or which animal the platypus evolved from, etc, etc. If you accept that God used evolution to create the world, you will have to assume that God lied when He created a world of death and decay and described it as "very good", you will have to assume that sin is just animal instinct or survival of the fittest and could not possibly result in the soul's eternal banishment to a place called the lake of fire. If there never really was a first man Adam that brought sin and death into the world, there never really was a second Man who sacrificed Himself to save mankind from the effects of the fall. As there never was an original paradise of God in which sin and death never existed and men enjoyed fellowship with their Creator, there never will be a future paradise in which it shall be said, "and there was no more death". You can believe. But your god is not the God of the Bible, he is a fraud, just like the theory of evolution.

Source Cushing Daily