Israel seeking Iraqi air-corridor for IranPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Chris Perver  
Friday, 23 February 2007 17:00
An Israeli official speaking on the condition of anonymity has revealed that Israel is negotiating with the United States for an air-corridor over Iraq, with a view to planning for a future strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. Within the past few days, Iran breached the deadline of a second UN resolution calling on the nation to halt its Uranium enrichment programme. And earlier in the month, Javier Solana, the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy, circulated a document which stated that it is impossible through diplomatic negotiations alone to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear capability...

Quote: "The newspaper quoted a senior Israeli defense official who told reporters that negotiations were now underway between the two countries for the US-led coalition in Iraq to provide an "air corridor" in the event of the Knesset deciding on unilateral military action to prevent Teheran developing nuclear weapons." "We are planning for every eventuality, and sorting out issues such as these are crucially important," said the official, who asked not to be named. "The only way to do this is to fly through US-controlled air space. If we don't sort these issues out now we could have a situation where American and Israeli war planes start shooting at each other."

It was also reported last year by a Russian official that a date for the strike against Iran had already been set, for the end of next month. Whether that happens or not, I don't know. Last month, Britain's Sunday Times newspaper reported that Israel had concrete plans for taking out Iran's nuclear facilities with mini-nukes, which would guarantee that nothing remains to be salvaged from the debris. Iran has spread its nuclear facilities all over the country, and Israel would need to time its strikes to ensure that every target is taken by surprise.

Source Jerusalem Post