Nigerian Christian teacher killed by pupilsPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Chris Perver  
Wednesday, 21 March 2007 17:00
A Christian teacher who was adjudicating an exam in Nigeria, sealed her testimony with blood, when the very pupils she was teaching beat her to death. Oluwatoyin Olusase had been invigilating an Islamic Religious Knowledge paper in a secondary school in Gombe state. After the examination was finished, she was lynched by her pupils. Police do not know what prompted the attack, but stated that their intervention prevented a riot from breaking out. A similar incident occurred last year in Nigeria, and resulted in the deaths of five people...

Quote: "At least five people were killed and several churches burned down in February 2006 in the neighbouring state of Bauchi by Muslims infuriated that a Christian teacher in a secondary school had tried to confiscate a Koran from a student who was reading it during class. Word got out into the streets that the teacher had desecrated the Koran, infuriating Muslims who went on the rampage.

The BBC ran the same story, but attempts to justify the Muslim murderers.

Quote: "Religious differences have long been used to justify all kinds of violence in Nigeria, our reporter says. In reality it is often fuelled by ethnic or political conflicts and competition for resources, which can be fierce, given that so many people live in poverty, he says.

So according to Alex Last, this is not your typical Islamic murder story. No, on the surface it looks that way, but you have to look deeper to the underlying cause, poverty. Just like those poor French Muslims, who didn't know how to do anything else except riot, because they were so poor. 

In reality, it seems you don't even need to desecrate a Qur'an to get yourself in trouble. A few years ago, the media reported that US soldiers stationed in Iraq had flushed a Qur'an down the toilet. The story was blown out of all proportions across the Western media, prompting riots across the Islamic world which resulted in the deaths of dozens of people. It was later discovered the story was a complete fabrication, and the news media had not bothered to corroborate their facts. 

Source News, BBC