Iranians arrest 14 squirrels for spyingPDFPrintE-mail
Saturday, 14 July 2007 10:26

I know this is a strange article and I didn't really know what category to put it under.  But, I wanted to post this because this shows how determined these countries are to get rid of any type of "invasion".  Or, maybe it's paranoia.  I do know that some countries will take drastic measures to "spy" but like the article says "The use of rodents has not been documented in the past."  It's hard to believe that a country would use "spying" squirrels but at the same time it's hard to believe that another country would find a group of squirrels to be "spies".  But, I guess there is a first to everything.

Whatever the reason for this latest news, at least maybe during these trying times an article like this can make someone smile.