British Muslim calls for pope to be executedPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Chris Perver  
Monday, 18 September 2006 00:00

I said this morning that Britain was on its way to becoming an Islamic terror state, and this afternoon those thoughts have been reinforced. A British Muslim has publicly called for Pope Ratzinger to be executed Sharia-law style, for his comments last week regarding Islam and the prophet Mohammed. Anjem Choudar had previously been charged with incitement to murder, after he was arrested at a demonstration over the infamous cartoons that portrayed Mohammed wearing a turban shaped like a bomb. He helped organize a protest in London, and called for all those who offended Islam to be killed. His march was given police protection as they passed through Westminster, and was only later arrested after a wave of public protest over the incident. Yesterday, Choudar warned that anyone who insulted Islam or Mohammed "was going to be subject to capital punishment", and stated that while he was heading a peaceful protest, there would be others who would carry this "threat" out. Under British law that is incitement to murder, and our friend Anjem Choudar should be locked up.

Quote: "As well as placards attacking the Pope such as "Pope go to Hell", his followers outside the country's principal Roman Catholic church also waved slogans aimed at offending the sentiments of Christians such as "Jesus is the slave of Allah". A Scotland Yard spokesman said of his comments: "We have had no complaints about this. There were around 100 people at the demonstration. It passed off peacefully and there were no arrests." 

Not one complaint about Muslims insulting Jesus Christ? Not even from Muslims themselves who are supposed to revere Christ as a prophet in their own religion. They march peacefully in London, while in Gaza they firebomb churches and in Somalia they are shot dead.

Source This Is London