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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 01 February 2007 17:00
Sorry not many updates. I have been so busy today. First I had to go to the dentist this afternoon. Then I have been looking at cars last night and tonight. My own one is done out, so I have been trying to get a new one ASAP, as I don't want to have to keep driving my MG Midget to work!

This link from my friend Kathie...

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has given the go ahead for a fifth minaret to be built by Jordan on the Temple Mount, where the Al-Aqsa mosque currently stands. Jordan announced the plans some months ago, and sees the construction of the minaret, which is used to call Muslims to prayer, as a commemoration of Jordan's control over the Islamic shrine. Muslims are celebrating its construction as proof that Islam will control the Temple Mount area for ever.

Quote: "A top leader of the Waqf - the Islamic custodians of the Mount - told WND Olmert's granting of permission to build the minaret in the synagogue's place "confirms 100-percent the Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) belongs to Muslims." "This proves Jewish conspiracies for a synagogue will never succeed and solidifies our presence here. It will make Muslims worldwide more secure that the Jews will never take over the Haram al-Sharif," the Waqf official said. 

The minaret will be the largest of the five, and will tower 130 feet over Jerusalem's walls. It's location is planned for the same spot where Jewish rabbis had hoped Israel's first synagogue on the holy site would stand. But it now looks like that plan will have to be ditched. Muslim leaders had warned the Jews not to build a synagogue on the square, as they would see this as a precursor to the rebuilding of the third Temple. Most Muslims believe that the mosque was there before Solomon's Temple was erected, and that the Jewish Temple was located in a different place. Today, a new podium was constructed by the Muslims on the Temple Mount, to mark the place where Muslims believe the prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven.

Quote: ""The official reason for the ceremony is to mark the installation, but unofficially it will be a celebration that this podium is proof we are the rightful owners of the Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount). This podium solidifies our eternal presence here," the Waqf official said.

Construction (or destruction) continues at the Mount, with the Islamic Waqf building a massive Mosque underneath where the Temple once stood. Hundreds of tonnes of "rubble" have been dumped by the Waqf in the Kidron valley, which have contained precious artefacts from the First and Second Temple era. The mosque bears the words, "Allah has no son". The Mount is believed to be the place where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac to God, and reminds us that God does indeed have a son, Jesus Christ, who died for us that we might be saved through believing on His name.

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