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Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 15 May 2007 17:00
Just a quicky before I go to bed... 

Today the state of Israel marks the 40th anniversary of the recapturing of East Jerusalem from Jordanian control today. As I commented recently, the status of Jerusalem has become an international issue, with almost every nation on earth being drawn into the conflict in some way or another. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated recently that Germany would boycott the Jerusalem Day celebrations, if that meant legitimising Israel's "occupation" of the eastern quarter of the city. A recent poll showed that a majority of Israeli's would be prepared to hand over significant parts of East Jerusalem to the Palestinians if they thought it would bring peace, but most thought it would not lead to peace, and a vast majority would not give up the Temple Mount or Western Wall under any circumstances. Transjordan captured East Jerusalem during the War of Independence, and Israel retook it during the Six Day War in 1967. But despite the fact that Israel took East Jerusalem in self-defence, the international community still insists Israel has illegally occupied the city. The EU has on several occasions worked towards undermining Israeli authority in East Jerusalem. But on the 40th anniversary on the reunification of the city, it's Hamas and the Red Cross that are once again stepping up their attacks against Israel

Quote: "The report says Israel shows "general disregard" for its obligations under international humanitarian law and the law of military occupation in particular. Violations that change the status of East Jerusalem include the West Bank barrier, an outer ring of Jewish settlements around the city and roads to connect Israeli districts and settlements, the report says.

I say "once again" for the Red Cross, for the organization has always shown "complete disregard" for Magen David Adom (Red Star of David). For decades the Red Cross refused to fund the Israeli medical service, because they operate in territories "occupied" by Israel. The Red Cross officially recognized the Red Crescent - the Islamic branch of the society, but refused to recognize the symbol of Magen David Adom as it was too Jewish. Only recently has the Red Cross recognized Magen David Adom, and only because they dropped the Star of David in favour of a Crystal emblem. As I said before, it seems every nation and every company on earth has been drawn into this conflict in one way or another. As for Hamas, they launched a salvo of Kassam rockets into Israel today, wounding around eighteen people.

Quote: "A military official posited that the Qassam salvo on Sderot was meant to distract the Palestinian population's attention form the escalating conflict between factions in the Palestinian Authority, which culminated Tuesday in several deaths after Hamas attacked a Presidential Guard training base near Karni crossing. "Things in Gaza are getting increasingly more difficult," said the military officials. "Hamas would rather everyone focus on Israel now." The IDF is scheduled to hold meetings later tonight to discuss the evening's events.

Source BBC, YNet News