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Written by Chris Perver  
Monday, 28 September 2009 15:50

Nassur the jihad teddy bearHamas is continuing to broadcast its virulent anti-Semitic television series, Tomorrow's Pioneers, glorifying terrorism and indoctrinating children to murder Jews. First there was Farfour the mouse, a Mickey Mouse look alike that was criticized by Holywood for its unlicensed imitation of the Disney character rather than the genocidal rants spouted by his gun-wielding evil twin. Farfour was criticized by the show's presenter for cheating in his school exams, but only because his school books had been buried beneath the rubble of his house after an Israeli bulldozer flattened it. Poor Farfour met his end after Holywood threatened to take legal action, and the character was quickly killed off in a storyline involving an angry Jew to whom he had refused to sell his property. It wasn't long before Nahoul the bee appeared on the show. The Tomorrow's Pioneers series was largely criticized by animal rights organizations when one episode showed the character swinging cats by their tails and throwing stones at lions in the zoo. But Nahoul's racist ideology went unchecked by the Western media, in which he declared his undying hatred for the "criminal Jews" and expressed his desire to follow in the path of "martyrdom and the mujahideen". Nahoul met his untimely demise when the evil Jews refused to let him out of Gaza to receive medical treatment in an Egyptian hospital. But the message of hate did not die with Nahoul. He was quickly replaced by Assud, a psychotic rabbit which threatened to eat all the Jews in order to liberate the al-Aqsa mosque from the "filth of the Zionists". But Assud would not realize his dream, and was killed by the evil Jews during the bombing of Gaza. He rushed to the al-Aqsa TV station when those evil Jews said they were going to blow it up. He died as a Hamas human shield in the 'Zionist massacre'. But now Nassur the bear has vowed to join the military wing of Hamas in order to "defend the children of Palestine" and "declare war on the criminal Zionists".

Quote: "Nassur: "There won't be any Jews or Zionists, if Allah wills. They'll be erased." Saraa: "Chased away." Nassur: "And just like we will visit the Qaaba [in Mecca]... everyone will visit Jerusalem." [Seven-year old Palestinian child on phone tells how his father, a member of the Hamas Al-Qassam Brigades, "died as a Shahid (Martyr)."] Nassur to child on phone: "What do you want to do to the Jews who shot your father?" Child on phone: "I want to kill them." Saraa: "We don't want to do anything to them, just expel them from our land." Nassur: "We want to slaughter them, so they will be expelled from our land, right?" Saraa: "Yes. That's right. We will expel them from our land using all means." Nassur: "And if they don't want [to go] peacefully, by words or talking, we'll have to [do it] by slaughter."

Interesting that the word Hamas (חמס) in Hebrew means 'violence' or 'wrong'. It's hard to believe that this is the equivalent of Sesame Street for Sunni Muslim kids in Gaza. Only instead of teaching them how to count, or memorizing the alphabet, children as young as seven years old are being taught how to hate and kill. Western charities and aid organizations call for the liberation of Gaza, for the economic embargo to be lifted. They decry the legitimate Israeli response to Hamas rocket attacks. But few will shed a tear for the brainwashing of Arab children who are being raised in a culture that breeds anti-Semitism and glorifies death and bloodshed. The children that watch this television programme truly are the 'Pioneers of Tomorrow'. They will be the next kid you read about in the newspaper who blew themselves up at an Israeli checkpoint or murdered half a dozen Jews in a Yeshiva. They will be the next human shield who runs towards the Kassam launcher to prevent an Israeli retaliation, or towards the 'apartheid wall' to distract an IDF soldier while someone else carries out an attack. Only the liberal media will attribute their motives to the Israeli 'siege' of Gaza or the continued settlement expansion in Jerusalem, rather than having been indoctrinated to hate Jews and to believe that Israel stole their land. Or the George Galloway's of this world will attribute it to a war over land or the results of Western imperialism. This is not a war over land. And it won't be settled by Israel getting out of east Jerusalem. This is a religious war. Even the Qur'an states that the day of resurrection will not come until the Muslims make war on the Jews and Christians.

All of this makes me feel very angry. Especially the Western response to the conflict, which fails to understand the nature of the Islamic ideology behind it. But the Bible says all of this must come to pass. Israel is in for a very difficult time ahead (Daniel 12:1). There will not be peace in the Middle East, not on man's terms anyway. Only the coming of the Prince of Peace will bring lasting peace to this world. As Israeli President Shimon Peres once said, "Arafat promised us the peace of the brave, but he gave us the peace of the grave". This world cannot give you true peace. Islam, the 'religion of peace', cannot give you true peace. Only Jesus Christ can give you true peace. Come to Him for the forgiveness of sins. Come to Him to find true peace. 

John 14:27
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Source Palestinian Media Watch, YouTube