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Written by Chris Perver  
Friday, 06 November 2009 13:01
Apologies for not having updated the website in the past week or so. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, and I decided I needed to take a break from it for a while. I still feel I need to take things a bit slower for a while. Thanks.

This week, euro-sceptic Czech President Klaus became the last EU head of state to sign the Lisbon Treaty, paving the way for its adoption into European law before the end of the year. Klaus' initial refusal to sign the treaty, which he had said would give unelected officials in Brussels "even more power" and would create a "democratic deficit" in Europe, had given faint hope to Euro-sceptic parties in Britain that the nightmare of a federal European super state could be averted. British Conservative party leader David Cameron had promised a public referendum on the issue so long as it had not become law, but the Czech president conceded that there was no way he could hold off signing the treaty until a British election brought the Conservatives to power. Klaus did the deed on Tuesday, and the prospect of a British referendum was subsequently consigned to the dustbin of history. Cameron has now pledged that no more British sovereignty will be usurped by Brussels eurocrats. But many in the UK will perceive his promises as nothing more than a bolting of the stable door after the horse has fled, for the Lisbon Treaty will give the European Commission legal authority to acquire whatever powers deemed necessary to fulfil the mandate set out by the treaty, without requiring the prior approval of national parliaments or their electorate. Only the consensus of the European Council (member state governments) and the European Parliament is necessary. The European Parliament is little more than a talking shop, and as we have seen with the Czech signing of the treaty, state governments will not want to be seen to be 'rocking the boat'. So much for democracy. Now EU leaders are now focusing on the task of choosing who will fill the roles of EU President and Foreign Minister, which will be created when the Lisbon Treaty comes into force. Former EU Trade Secretary, Peter Mandelson, has expressed hopes that the European Union will soon emerge as a global leader on the world stage.

Quote: "Speaking 48 hours after David Cameron redefined Tory policy on the EU, the business secretary told his audience that a totally reordered global economy was on the way, requiring serious new thinking in Europe. "We will either step into a meaningful economic and political role in a multipolar world, or we will have merely a walk-on role, forced to follow others' lead," he said. "In other words, will we drive the agenda, or become a subsidiary of a process driven and shaped elsewhere, but above all by the G2 – meaning the US and China?" With new emerging powers and economic forces in the world, Europe was the "essential force multiplier" for all of its member states, he said.

The idea of European integration is not of itself evil. The Bible teaches us that we should be subject to the higher powers, for there is no power but that which is of God (Romans 13:1). And even the Lord said, when speaking on the subject of taxation and military occupation, that we should render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's (Matthew 22:21). But that doesn't mean that we must agree with everything the government says or does. The Bible also teaches that when human government, which was instituted by God for the purpose of enacting His laws, contradicts the Word of God, God is to be obeyed rather than men (Acts 5:29). And this is what it will come down to in the end. As you can see, the instruments of the Antichrist's power are now being prepared. The Lisbon Treaty is paving the way for one man to have complete control over the revived Roman Empire (Daniel 9:26). As as Mandelson hopes, he will be a global leader who will unite the world politically (Daniel 7:7), religiously (Revelation 13:3) and economically (Revelation 13:17). But this government will be set up in direct opposition to the person of Christ (Revelation 13:2), with the sole purpose of preventing His Second Coming to Earth and the establishment of the eternal state (Revelation 17:4). As I said before, the idea of global governance is not of itself evil. The men that run it may be evil. But the idea is not. But this proves to us that there is only one person who has the right and ability to govern this world, and that is Jesus Christ (Ezekiel 21:27). He has the right as Creator (John 1:10). He has the right as King (Luke 1:32). And He has the right as Redeemer of this world (Revelation 10). Jesus Christ is everyone's Creator, whether they believe in Him or not (Amos 4:12). And Jesus Christ is everyone's King, whether they accept Him or not (Matthew 25:40). But Jesus Christ is not everyone's Redeemer. He is only the Redeemer of those who will trust Him as their personal Saviour. Unless you are bought with the blood of the Lamb, you remain a devoted subject of the prince of darkness, whose doom will be forever sealed in the lake of fire (Revelation 20:10). Do not let that be your fate (Revelation 21:8). Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved (Acts 16:31).

Revelation 19:11-13
And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.

Source Prague Post, Guardian