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Written by Chris Perver  
Saturday, 06 September 2008 10:12

This link from my friends Alison and Deb. Astronomers have reported that the sun has reached a record low in solar activity, when for the first time in roughly one hundred years, no sun spots have been detected on its surface for an entire month. Solar activity varies over an eleven year cycle, and we are presently in the low period of that cycle. But astronomers have been surprised by just how low the solar activity is at present. For the first seven months of this year, the number of detected sun spots averaged around three, while no spots have been detected for the entire month of August.  The last time solar activity reached a level similar to this was in the year 1913. While scientists believe that solar activity does not overtly affect the total solar irradiance which governs the overall temperature on earth, they believe the reduction on the solar magnetosphere which produces sun spots can affect cloud formation on earth. And some scientists are now predicting that Earth may be in for severe global cooling if the data from previous extreme solar minimums is anything to go by. With record snow falls recorded last year in China, the United States and South Africa, they could be right. 

Quote: "Meteorologist Anthony Watts, who runs a climate data auditing site, tells DailyTech the sunspot numbers are another indication the "sun's dynamo" is idling. According to Watts, the effect of sunspots on TSI (total solar irradiance) is negligible, but the reduction in the solar magnetosphere affects cloud formation here on Earth, which in turn modulates climate. This theory was originally proposed by physicist Henrik Svensmark, who has published a number of scientific papers on the subject. Last year Svensmark's "SKY" experiment claimed to have proven that galactic cosmic rays -- which the sun's magnetic field partially shields the Earth from -- increase the formation of molecular clusters that promote cloud growth. Svensmark, who recently published a book on the theory, says the relationship is a larger factor in climate change than greenhouse gases.

I don't know much about global warming or global cooling. But I do know that God is in complete control of our weather. And I would be more inclined to believe that the extreme weather conditions we are now experiencing are less to do with changes in the earth's atmosphere and more to do with changes in the hearts of men. Following the United Kingdom's record flooding, not this year's but last year's flooding, ministers of the Church of England called on the country to repent of their wickedness and turn to God. They declared that the floods were a judgement from God for the moral depravity of our nation. In May 2007 Britain had been afflicted with an anti-Semitic fever, after a large number of British universities, trade unions, charities and churches announced their intentions to boycott the Jewish state over its forty year 'occupation' of the Palestinian territories. In June and July 2007 the country suffered its worst flooding in over sixty years, causing around three billion pounds worth of damage. It turns out that the last flooding to occur on this scale was in England in March 1947, just a month after Britain deferred on its promise to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and passed the issue on its partition to the United Nations. So it seems that the British people have a short memory. And as the international community presses Israel into making peace with their enemies and giving up even more land, there is no doubt we will face even greater disasters in the coming days. But there is hope.

Isaiah 26:2
Open ye the gates, that the righteous nation which keepeth the truth may enter in.

Our nation may not be righteous, but through the precious blood of Christ, we can be made righteous and become citizens of the heavenly country (Philippians 3:20). For those who have trusted in Christ for salvation are like sojourners in a foreign land. They are citizens of another country, and though they are here on the King's business, they look forward to the day when they can go home. That day is coming. When you come to the end of life's journey, will you hear this welcome invitation from Christ? Or will these words be true of you...

Psalm 9:17
The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation today!

Source Daily Tech, BBC, Zionism Israel