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Wednesday, 16 January 2008 22:05

An invention described in a recently published Microsoft patent application aims to make sure workers meet their deadlines and do what they're supposed to. The patent application, published on December 27th, describes a program that would monitor users' computer activity, automatically offer help to solve problems or links to information resources, and even allow supervisory monitoring of users to make sure they're working or so others can give employees' guidance if they're stuck on a certain task.

Well, what else is new? The "Daily" had it, "Scientists have developed a machine which is capable of reading our mind and revealing our most private thoughts."

Wow! And I already quit with Google... Quote: "Here are 16 things Google knows about me and how they acquired the info: My Full Name – It’s in my Gmail headers and a requirement on various Google service signup forms. My Physical Street Address – It could easily be pulled from the various Google Maps search queries I’ve performed. They could also get it from my Google Adsense or Checkout accounts. My Phone Number – Gmail used to require a cell phone number for signup verification. It’s also in my Adsense and Checkout accounts. When I’m Online – Since iGoogle is my homepage, I guess they know every time I open my web browser. My Latest IP Address – Based on the previous point, I guess they know every time my IP address changes too. My Popular Interests – My Google Reader and Google Bookmarks is chock full of my favorite news sources, articles, blogs, RSS feeds, online stores, etc. Toss in my YouTube habits for good measure. Every Website I Visit – Google is the portal to almost everything I see online. I also use Google Web History and Google Toolbar for convenience purposes and Page Rank info respectively. My Daily "To Do" List – I usually keep this updated in Google Notebook. My Schedule – Most of my major appointments and future tasks are entered in Google Calendar. Who I Know – Even if they aren’t reading my email, they have every entry in my Gmail Contacts, many of whom are Gmail users as well. What I Say – Between Gmail and Google Talk, let’s just say Google has clear documentation of what’s on my mind. What Stocks I Own – I typically uses Yahoo Finance, but I do have my stock portfolio setup in Google Finance as well because some of the tools are better. My Bank Account and Routing Number – Associated with my Google Adsense account. Everything About My Blog – Google Analytics tracks the stats for my blog and Google Webmaster Tools hosts my XML sitemap. So they know what I’m publishing, how popular it is, and who’s reading it. What I Look Like – As you can see, I have a photo gallery on my blog. In addition, I use Google’s Picasa Web Albums. Where I Exist Online – This one is obvious. Since they know my full name, email address, online alias, search history, etc., all they need to do is plug that information into their own search database and start cross referencing every other site where I have a visible account. Now take all the information Google has on me, connect the dots and analyze it. I bet they could tell you more about the historical trends in my life than I could. Here’s to hoping that never happens…"

Now, maybe I should quit something else too. Many banks have outsourced their customer services to the customers themselves. It seems that many customers today are dealing with most of the transactions themselves. The CIA has also "outsourced" its data acquisition to the hit of today, Facebook. People run to fill in all their personal data and their social network, photos included, and even their expected behaviour profile in any dire straits! All the credit card transactions, airway, car rentals etc. are registered, all for the perusal of CIA, DARPA, DOD etc. I suppose all our Google searches too.

And isn't the Global Positioning System with us already, too? Maybe the only "missing link" of this "evolutionary process" is the chip implant itself. But not for long.

"... where are my Orwell books, dear?"

But honestly, I'm not a member of this Facebook community. And just now I think I never will be. And think about this for a moment or two. All this development and big-ticket activities cannot be just a harmless package of coincidences. Mrs. Sinikka Salo, one of the leaders of the Bank of Finland, said, "From now on (2006), whichever rolling twelve months, and after that we don't need cash money at all". Yep... All the young and the old, wise and the poor, systems, applications and passwords and passports... Well there's actually only one way to carry it all out "securely". It has been prophecied (Rev. 13:16-18).

"For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow." (Ec. 1:18)