Palestinians celebrate 9/11 attacks on USPDFPrintE-mail
Sunday, 23 September 2007 10:36

While the Bush Administration pours millions of US taxpayers’ dollars into the Palestinian Authority in a vain hope that that regime will ever build and govern a viable state-like entity, the Palestinian Authority is busy celebrating the victories of America’s enemies.

As an American I know how blind our government has made the general population.  It is no surprise to me that other countries celebrate destruction against us.  But so many here are clueless as to what the world is really thinking.  Our news outlets deliberately withhold information from us that does not fit in with their own liberal agenda.  I pray that Americans will have their eyes open and their minds clear to what is going on.  I also pray that non-believers will be drawn to Yeshua and gain wisdom during these end times before it's too late.