Somalis aided Hizbullah in war against IsraelPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 14 November 2006 17:00
Javier Solana, the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy, has decried Somalia's slide into civil war, and urged the Union of Islamic Courts and external regional powers to refrain from using military intervention, and work with the political process in the country. Earlier in the year, an Islamic militia, called the Union of Islamic Courts (not courts in the sense that we understand, but "bounty hunters" that implement Sharia law) took control of the capital Mogadishu. 

Quote: "Solana and Michel called on Somalia's transitional government and the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) "to establish a conducive environment for the progress of the political process." They said they "appeal to the UIC to fully respect the security of Somalia's neighbours and urge all regional partners to refrain from military intervention in Somalia and to foster the ongoing inter-Somali dialogue.

After the terrorists took control of the capital, the BBC put a positive spin on the event, stating that the group just wanted to clamp down on pornography, drugs and alcohol, and that residents of Mogadishu were now pleased to enjoy law and order. But when a Swedish journalist was shot dead for no reason at a UIC rally, the BBC soon changed its tune. SomaliaWatch has been warning for over five years that the nation was on the verge of an Islamic coup, stating that Islamic clerics were being radicalised by extremists and almost every mosque had fallen under their power. And now it has been revealed how. Around 10 nations, including Iran and Syria, have been actively involved in supporting the overthrow of Somalia, and had even recruited 720 Islamic fighters to join the war against Israel in Lebanon. According to the UN report, at least 600 are still in Lebanon, receiving advanced training from Hizbullah.

Quote: "Over 700 Somali fighters joined Hizbullah in its war against Israel this past summer, a United Nations report revealed. According to the report, quoted by the New York Times, Hizbullah provided the Islamist Somali militias with training and weapons, through Iran and Syria, in exchange for their assistance. The report also said that Iran sought to trade arms for uranium from Somalia to further its nuclear ambitions, though it does not say whether Iran succeeded, the Times reported.

Source ADNKI, YNet News