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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 30 August 2007 01:59
Hamas has scored another propaganda victory against Israel, with the deaths of three more children in the Gaza Strip following an Israeli shelling yesterday. According to Palestinian sources, the children died when an Israeli tank shell struck the region around Beit Hanoun. Their deaths bring the number of children killed within the past week in Gaza to eight. The shelling was in response to the launching of Kassam rockets from the same area. The Israeli Defence Forces said they noticed a number of figures approaching the rocket launchers shortly before the strike took place. Unfortunately it seems those figures were Palestinian children. The world media may blame Israel for the incident, but the Palestinian terrorist organizations bear ultimate responsibility in their cynical use of children to adjust and arm these deadly devices. 

Quote: ""We are not talking about the first time this has happened," military correspondent Avi Yissacharov told Army Radio. "This phenomenon of Hamas paying ten shekels to children in order to retrieve the launchers has become the norm. The terrorists launch the rockets from afar via remote control and know that if they approach the launchers they will be hit, so they send young children."

It's not the first time Palestinian children have been caught in the cross fire of this deadly war. An eight year old boy and his six year old sister were killed by a Kassam rocket when it fell short of its target landing in the Gaza Strip. A Bedouin shepherd and his teenage son were recently killed after coming across an unexploded Kassam rocket. Not to mention the Gaza Beach incident, after which world leaders lashed out at Israel for supposedly killing an entire Palestinian family, but it later turned out that the explosion was caused by a Palestinian land mine intended for IDF forces. You would think that the deaths of children would convince the terrorist organizations to call a cease-fire. In any civilized culture this would be the case, but Palestinian mothers have stated that even if their children are killed by their own people, they will have died a martyr's death in the war against the Jews. Palestinian children are at the very forefront of this conflict. Hamas even runs a website encouraging children to become suicide bombers, filled with stories about child martyrs who sacrifice their own lives in order to kill Jews. Just today the IDF revealed it has prevented another suicide bombing attempt. The perpetrator was a 15 year old boy, who intended to detonate an explosives belt strapped to his waste in order to murder IDF soldiers...

Quote: "The IDF revealed Thursday that it foiled an attack by a would-be 15-year-old Palestinian suicide bomber who tried to attack soldiers operating in the northern Gaza Strip, Army Radio reported. The bomber was stopped overnight Tuesday as he approached soldiers, according to the IDF. He had reportedly strapped explosives to his body that he planned to detonate when he reached the force, the IDF said.

Dozens of people have also been killed as a result of Israel's unexploded cluster bombs in southern Lebanon. I have no idea why the government decided to use cluster bombs in the days leading up to the end of the war. I think it was a mistake to use them, especially when they have resulted in so many civilian deaths. But the difference between Israel and Palestinian terrorist organizations is, Israel does everything possible to avoid civilian deaths and apologizes when they occur, while Palestinian terrorist organizations actively seek to cause them. That is why there can be no moral equivalence between Palestinian terrorist organizations and Israel, and why Christians who support the Palestinian cause must justify murder.

Isaiah 5:20
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

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