BBC expunges criticism of HamasPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Chris Perver  
Monday, 18 June 2007 15:00
UK Foreign Office Minister Kim Howells has criticized Hamas' ultimatum, in which they threatened the use of force if the Army of Islam fail to release the BBC reporter Alan Johston. Howells said he was concerned about the Hamas' "publicity stunt" , seemingly aimed at winning favour with the West. I spotted this article this morning, and it confirmed my own suspicions that Hamas' efforts to release the kidnapped BBC reporter, Alan Johnston, are nothing more than a propaganda excersize. But when I looked through the same BBC article tonight, the paragraph on Kim Howells criticizing Hamas' attempt to release Johnston by force was completely missing. It originally appeared at the bottom of the article. When I searched Google News for "Kim Howells", I found none of the articles mentioning Hamas' ultimatum to the Army of Islam contained his comments. They have been expunged by the liberal media.

Thankfully I did find one BBC article that still contains some of his original comments, proving the point that Hamas' attempted release of Alan Johnston is nothing more than a sham, an attempt to score points with the mainstream media.

Quote: "Answering an urgent question in the House of Commons on Monday, Mr Howells said Britain would work with all those dedicated to a peaceful resolution of the conflict. He was also asked to update MPs on efforts to release the kidnapped BBC journalist, Alan Johnston, abducted 98 days ago in Gaza. Mr Howells said he hoped reports of an Hamas ultimatum to Johnston's kidnappers was not a case of them "using this as some kind of publicity stunt to try to win favour with the West".  

Source BBC, BBC