Iranian General defects to the WestPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 08 March 2007 17:00
There have been conflicting reports over exactly what happened to Iranian General Ali Rez Asgari. There were claims that he had been assassinated by Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, or that the Americans had kidnapped him. Now it appears the General has defected to the West, carrying with him Iranian secrets, which are likely to strike a blow to Iran's efforts to dominate the Middle East. Asgari was given a false name and passport, and was flown from Turkey to an undisclosed location in Europe, where he is briefing Western leaders on Iran's links with terrorist organizations working in the region. He has also reportedly disclosed further information on Iran's weapons programme. 

Quote: "Saudi newspaper Al-Watan recently reported the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are instilling changes in the defense systems protecting the country’s nuclear reactors for fear that Israeli and US intelligence agencies are now in possession of specific information that may threaten the facilities.

And as Gog and his allies prepare for their invasion of Israel, President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority is stepping up his efforts to lull Israel into a false security. Mahmoud Abbas is expected to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday, where he will offer Israel an extended cease-fire in the West Bank in return for non-interference in the formation of the Palestinian unity government. 

Quote: "Hamas and Fatah both support Abbas' bid to extend the cease-fire from Gaza to the West Bank, in exchange for Israeli non-interference with the Palestinian unity government that is due to be formed next week - including not urging Western countries to boycott it. Abbas and PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh met on Tuesday with representatives of various Palestinian factions and presented the idea to them, and on Wednesday, Abbas' chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, met with representatives of the five largest factions in Gaza. Islamic Jihad rejected the proposal, however, and although Hamas accepted, it drew fire from some of its senior members.

Source YNet News, Haaretz