Israel marks the first of NissanPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Chris Perver  
Monday, 19 March 2007 17:00
Israel marks the first day of the month Nissan today, the "first of months" for the Jewish people according to the Torah. It was during Nissan that the Israelites began their exodus out of Egypt on their journey towards the promised land. As a result of this, and many other auspicious events recorded in the Scriptures during this month, Nissan is often referred to as the "month of redemption". Once again Israel is facing a crisis of immense proportions. European governments are welcoming the Palestinian government now installed in the Gaza Strip, despite pledges from Hamas to continue on the path of terror. Today it was revealed that EU monitors on the Rafah border are receiving death threats from Palestinian terrorists, and are planning an escape route should their outpost come under attack. 

Quote: "The third proposal, which was accepted by the EU monitors, was to make a dash for the Gaza security fence that separates Israel from Gaza, where they would be rescued by the IDF. "They want to know that we will help them escape if the need arises," the defense official said. "Their concerns are understandable if you take into account the large number of threats they face."

Meanwhile Iranian President Ahmadinejad continues his defiance of the international community, attempting to hasten the coming of the Mahdi and the ultimate destruction of the "Zionist regime". Israel held a nation-wide missile attack drill today, in preparation for the likely event of Ahmadinejad or Hizbullah launching more missiles at the Jewish state.

Quote: "The drill was temporarily halted in the center of Israel Tuesday morning after security forces received a warning on terrorists' plans to carry out a terror attack. Road 2 was blocked for traffic in the Sharon region, north of Tel Aviv, and large police forces were dispatched to the area.

So it seems that as the world prepares to accept the Palestinian unity government as a partner for "peace", Israel is preparing for what seems to be an inevitable war...

Source Arutz 7, Jerusalem Post, YNet News