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Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 17 April 2007 17:00
Islamic extremists in Turkey murdered three people in a Turkish publishing company today, after it was thought the organization had been printing Bibles. Turkish nationalists had previously been protesting outside the building in Malatya, accusing them of proselytising. The three victims had their hands and feet bound, and their throats cut. Another man, thought to be one of the attackers, leapt from a third floor window to try and escape. Last week, another Christian working for an electric company in India was also murdered, during an encounter with Islamic extremists. Manzoor Ahmad Chat had survived a previous murder attempt a year ago, when government forces clashed with a Muslim mob at Manzoor's home. He was kidnapped last Friday by his Muslim antagonists, and suffered a martyr's death.

Quote: "Manzoor Ahmad Chat had been seen last shortly after he left on a scooter to take care of his responsibilities for the Power Development Department in the Kakapora district, according to reports from Salem Voice Ministries, which works to spread the Gospel throughout India and other third world nations, focusing on the Muslim community. "While he was going he met two believers and reminded them about the prayer meetings. But on the way he [was] kidnapped by the militants," the report said. His headless body was found a day later, with his head found close to a nearby mosque, according to the ministry. He disappeared on Friday, and on Saturday, "people of the Pinglena village found the headless body from a nearby paddy field," according to Salem's report. "He seemed to have been brutally tortured and finally slaughtered."

In Pakistan, a Christian family of five are facing a minimum three years in prison and possibly the death penalty, after Muslims accused them of blaspheming the prophet Mohammed. Daniel, an eleven year old child, refused to play with other Muslim boys. As a result they beat him up, and when Daniel's family confronted the mob, they accused them of blasphemy and contacted the police.

As a Christian, I do not hate Muslims, nor any person. Jesus Christ commands us to love our enemies, even those who despitefully use us and persecute us (Matthew 5:44). The Lord also said that if people do persecute us, that we should not be amazed, for they also persecuted God's prophets before us (Matthew 5:12). The Islamic world is not the sole source of Christian persecution, but it does count for a lot of it. But in spite of this persecution the Church continues to grow. These things are already happening in predominantly Muslim countries, and the Bible tells us in the book of Revelation, John the apostle saw the souls of them that had been beheaded for the witness of Jesus (Revelation 20:4). Some people tell me they are preparing for the tribulation period by stockpiling food and building shelters. I don't think this is the appropriate response, even if we did have to endure the tribulation period. It is said of the martyrs of the tribulation period that they "loved not their lives to the death" (Revelation 12:11), and like martyrs before us like John Hus, we should commit the safe-keeping of our lives and souls to the Lord Jesus and be faithful witnesses for Him.

Source International Herald Tribune, WorldNetDaily, SPCM