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Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 29 May 2007 17:00
Just a quickie before I go to bed (I need my beauty sleep!). Arutz 7 has revealed he Russians have been involved in secret talks with successive Israeli governments in order to acquire an area outside the old city walls of Jerusalem called the Russian Compound. The area was built by the Russian government to house Christian pilgrims on tour of the Holy Land, but has since become a court house and detention centre. The Russians hope to reclaim the compound for around $100 million, and both sides say the talks are progressing. What fascinated me most about this article is the apparent historic significance of the area...

Quote: "Legend says that the current-day location of the Russian Compound was the jump-off point for the armies of both Sennacherib and Titus in their respective military campaigns, centuries apart, against the Jewish city. (Sennacherib lost, Titus succeeded.)

I think in light of current events, with the possibility of a coming war with Iran and possibly Russia and her Arab allies, Russia attempting to acquire such a historic site is quite significant. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had stated that President Putin had promised him Russia would never do anything to harm Israel. Israel Prime Minister Olmert also stated he believed this promise applied to him as well. Well I guess they mustn't believe their own prophets. The Bible seems to indicate that a northern army will march on Israel in the latter days, along with many Arab nations. Israel will be taken by complete surprise, but the Lord will cause Israel to miraculously defeat their enemies, leaving only a sixth of them remaining.

Source Arutz 7