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Written by Kathie  
Tuesday, 23 October 2007 08:21
Good morning, everyone!
Just an update.
We are still safe in this neighborhood area.  Woke up to a massive smoke bank to the east of us so I snapped several photos.  It was very scary seeing it so close....and I have pictures!
Numerous other evacuations have taken place and every single site available has taken people.
We have the Del Mar Fair Grounds...full of horses and can't take any more of the large animals but more room for people/pets.  Qualcom Stadium is still taking evacuees.  Many sites are full up.  Churches have opened up their doors.  More evacuations called this morning.  Over 250,000 people so far and hundreds of homes burned to the ground.  Over 100,000 acres have burned.  It seems impossible because the fires in 03 seemed to have burned the entire county!
This time, the fires came to town.  It's much worse than the fire of '03  but as far as we know only one person has died this time.  It wasn't so in '03.
People have been lining up in long lines to donate and come help.  As usual they have done what San Diego does.  This city is amazing in a crisis.  People are very thoughtful and very generous.
Everything you can think of has been coming in.  Families loading up their cars with supplies and dropping them off at the Stadium.  Most of the city is closed and businesses are closed.
Roads are closed. 
It's almost bizarre to be watching tile, ceramic and fire rated roofs burning!  They aren't supposed to but they are!
Continue to pray for fire victims here.  Their stress is deep and it's going to be a long time before things change for them.  Houses are so expensive here and the losses are almost too much to imagine!
Will keep you posted.  Thank you for getting into the prayer of agreement!  You are much appreciated and much loved!
God bless each of you, sustain you and keep His hedge of protection around you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet!