UK police warn churches on securityPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 19 September 2006 00:00

They say there is no specific intelligence on attacks in Britain, and so far there has been no violence reported, but the Metropolitan Police are now warning church leaders to contact their local police stations to discuss the potential threat of Islamic retaliation over the Pope's recent comments on Islam. Several Orthodox churches have already been attacked Iraq and the Gaza Strip, and with the protests in London last week it is feared that the situation could get out of hand here too. One British Muslim who organized a protest march through Westminster had called for the Pope to be executed for insulting the beliefs of Islam. Amazingly a spokesman from Scotland Yard stated they had received no complaints regarding the Islamic protest, despite Muslims waving banners mocking Jesus Christ. Now it appears the police have actually received complaints about the Islamic intimidation outside Westminster Cathedral yesterday.

Quote: "It emerged yesterday that Scotland Yard has launched an inquiry into complaints about offensive protests by Muslim extremists outside Westminster Cathedral on Sunday. A well-known extremist, who was accompanied by scores of demonstrators from a group called Muslims of the UK, was reported to have called for the Pope to be "executed". The protesters chanted and waved placards as worshippers left morning Mass. Some of them wore camouflage gear; others wore dark glasses and covered their faces.

Chanting (most likely "Allahu Ackbar"), wearing camouflage gear (suicide-bomber gear, more intimidation), dark glasses and covering their faces (masking their identity like the thugs they are), all outside a so-called Christian cathedral. No, this is not some Middle East state caught in the grip of "militant" Islam. This is Britain.

Source Telegraph, Guardian