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Written by Chris Perver  
Wednesday, 10 January 2007 17:00
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority in the United Kingdom has proposed a national debate be held on the benefits of genetic human hybrids, that is taking an animal egg and implanting it with a human nucleus. Scientists became enraged a couple of weeks ago, after it was suggested such research was abhorrent and should be banned outright. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has stated he is not opposed to creating "chimeras", a name given to describe a human and animal hybrid.

Quote: "Prime Minister Tony Blair insisted the government is not dead set against the scientists' proposals. "If there's research that's going to help people, then we want to see it go forward," he said yesterday.

Of course we want to help people, but to destroy one life in order to help another as someone has stated, is cannibalism. Scientists have now discovered a number of different sources where they can obtain stem-cells for scientific research. But just a few years ago, they would have pushed for permission to create human embryos just so they could be killed off and used in some experiment. The hybrid research also faces immense moral, scientific and legal challenges. Recently a court in Canada made legal history after it awarded legal custody of a five year old boy to two females and one male.

Quote: "In a ruling released on Tuesday, the Ontario Court of Appeal said the female partner of the child's biological mother could be legally recognized as the boy's third parent. The biological father, named on the boy's birth certificate, is a friend of both women and is taking an active role in the child's life.

Based on this court's reasoning, if a cow or a rabbit provides the egg and a man or woman provides the nucleus for a chimera to be created, this animal will become the chimera's legal parent. It's disgusting, but Satan's plan has always been to bring God's flagship creation, mankind, down to the level of animals. I know that scientific achievement has pushed back the boundaries in recent years, and transplant operations that were once considered immoral have now become routine. But to delve into the realm of mixing human and animal DNA goes much too far, especially when the murder of human embryos is involved. The Bible states explicitly that human life is sacred, and begins at conception (Psalm 139). How then can we so willingly generate human life in order to destroy it? You can bet if the HFEA get their debate, human hybrids will be permitted under UK law.

If you are a British citizen, sign this petition to request that human hybrid research be banned by the government. Or write to your MP and tell them you oppose research that destroys the sanctity of life.

Source Reuters, Kentucky, One News