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The Word
Written by Jacob Chacko Kallara  
Thursday, 24 September 2009 19:41

"Ought not the Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory?" - Luke 24 V26

"...The hour has come that the Son of Man should be glorified." - John 12 V23

Christ suffered and died on the cross and rose again the third day and entered into His glory. Jesus Christ is now seated at the right hand of the Father and one day He shall return to judge the living and the dead. Christ gave His life for us that we may have abundant life and that through Him we may live. God extended His mercy and grace through His Son Jesus Christ and all He requires us to do is believe on His Son. It is now our duty to extend our faithfulness to Him and remain obedient to our God most High.

"And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work." - Jesus Christ