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Friday, 14 September 2007 15:01

Here in America, we don't get a chance to really see that which is happening in our world. Our media has made it a point to keep any world events, especially those in the Middle East, watered down at best. And totally false at worse. However the signs of the times are becoming more and more apparent. For instance, over this past month Visa Corp. has launched a new commercial campaign promoting a cashless society. In the commercial, hundreds of people are lined up at various fast food kiosks in a mall type setting. Everyone is swiping their Visa card to pay for their purchases and everything is moving in rythme... until one person pulls out cash, at which point all movement is stalled and everyone lined up behind the cash user decides to leave and go to another fast food line where cash is not being used. It's obvious that the idea is, "if you use cash you're not only uncool, but you're behind the times and most importantly, becoming a hinderence to others". Even though this is just a commercial, it does a good job at showing what life is like here in America. Everything has to be done here and now at a moment's notice, and any kind of waiting is totally unacceptable. We are being primed to move to a cashless society, and though the mark may not be a card, it is certainly a precursor meant to condition the mind into naturally accepting it... Take the frog for example. Did you know that if you place a frog in a boiling pot of water it will jump out... and that should be a given... But if you take that same frog and place it in a pot that has luke warm water and then begin to heat it slowly.. the frog will not jump out and will boil to death. The times are at hand. Are you prepared for the coming of the King?