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Written by Chris Perver  
Sunday, 14 January 2007 17:00
A few years ago, Digital Angel Corporation, the company that markets a wearable GPS device, unveiled the prototype of a new implantable version at a New York show. The company had unveiled a prototype, a chip around the size of a dime, which will require surgery to implant into the human body. The Digital Angel implant will contain a GPS circuit, along with biological sensors such as body temperature and pulse. This information can be relayed to satellite and transmitted across the internet.

Quote: "Similar to microchip technologies currently used as electronic ID tags for pets, Digital Angel® is a dime-sized implant, inserted just under the skin. When implanted within a human body, the device is powered electromechanically through the movement of muscles and can be activated either by the "wearer" or by a monitoring facility. Applied Digital Solutions is also exploring avenues for utilizing Digital Angel® without implanting it.

At one stage the company claimed it was not pursuing implant technology for their device. These articles are from 2000, 2001...

Quote: "Digital Angel® is no longer pursuing implant technology for humans, a spokesman for the company said yesterday. Dr. Lawrence Webber of Digital Angel Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions, told WorldNetDaily the company has "no plan at this time for implant technology." Rather, the company's patented sensor technology is being used in externally worn devices only, such as watches and pagers.

...but it seems that Digital Angel implants were too lucrative to pass up.  The chip implant is currently being used in cattle, but it is thought Digital Angel Corporation may soon move to "people" implants. The president of the Digital Angel Corporation claims to be a Christian, and states that Christians should not be concerned about its connotations with the Mark of the Beast, as described in the book of Revelation. But his comments that Digital Angel will allow humans to become a "hybrid" of electronics and their "own soul" does not inspire me with confidence.

Quote: "Digital Angel®, said Zhou, "will be a connection from yourself to the electronic world. It will be your guardian, protector. It will bring good things to you." He added, "We will be a hybrid of electronic intelligence and our own soul."... Additional concerns have been raised by Christians, who contend Digital Angel® could be the fulfilment of a biblical prediction found in the book of Revelation. Zhou, president of, Inc., disagrees. "I am a Christian, but I don't think [that argument] makes sense," he told WND in March. "The purpose of the device is to save your life and improve the quality of life. There's no connection to the Bible." As the technology becomes more commonplace, the debate, as well as sales, are likely to continue growing.

Considering the souls of those who accept the Mark of the Beast will be damned to hell (Revelation 14:9-11), and considering we are commanded in the Scriptures not to make any cuttings or marks in our flesh, I would rather take the benefit of the doubt and not get any implants of this nature full-stop.

Leviticus 19:28 
Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I [am] the LORD. 

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