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Written by Chris Perver  
Monday, 21 April 2008 11:13

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has stated that his terrorist organization would be willing to accept the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1948 armistice lines if an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority was reached. But they are still unwilling to recognize Israel's right to exist. He made the comments following his meetings with former US President Jimmy Carter in Damascus last weekend. Meshaal's comments are being portrayed by the media as a "softening" of the group's position, but in reality Hamas' stance has not changed at all. Hamas was always willing to recognize the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. That is not a problem, so long as they aren't required to recognize Israel's right to exist. To Hamas, the borders of any future Palestinian state are only considered 'transitional', and can be expanded at a later date to cover all of 'Palestine' once the state of Israel is destroyed. As was the case with the ill-fated Palestinian Prisoners document, you need to interpret Hamas statements in light of their racist ideology, and not with our amiable Western mindset. Hamas believes that the whole land of 'Palestine' belongs to Allah and that the Israeli 'occupation' will be ultimately destroyed. So no wonder Carter now thinks Hamas had agreed to something completely different than what they are now proclaiming.

Quote: "Abu Zuhri also noted Hamas would see any future Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as "transitional". Speaking later to reporters, Carter said Hamas leaders whom he met "didn't say anything about transitional". Unlike Abbas, who sought a Palestinian state side-by-side with the Jewish state, Abu Zuhri said Hamas's outstanding position not to recognize Israel's right to exist remained unchanged despite its acceptance of a state in 1967 borders.

As we can see, for the Jewish state, any agreement with Hamas is an agreement with hell itself. Once Israel withdraws to pre-1967 borders, the whole country will be in range of Hamas and Hizbullah rockets. And if Israel is not destroyed militarily, she will be destroyed demographically, as the Palestinians insist on a "right of return" for millions of Palestinian Arabs to Israel proper. The Bible states that during the tribulation period, the Gentiles will be in siege against Judea and Jerusalem, and these territories will be given into their hand for three and a half years (Zechariah 12:2, Revelation 11:2). And towards the end of this period, the nations of the world will come against Jerusalem to do battle (Zechariah 12:9, 14:2). As we can see, Hamas agrees to the establishment of a Palestinian state within these territories mentioned in Bible prophecy. And so the fulfilment of these prophecies may be close at hand. The Bible says of the tribulation period in Joel 3:4, "Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision". The day of the Lord is near. What decision will you make? Will you call upon Christ for salvation, or will you be calling on the mountains and rocks to fall on you and hide you from the face of the Lamb (Revelation 16:6)? Trust in Jesus Christ for salvation today.

Psalm 86:5
For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee.

Source Reuters