Dividing Jerusalem, destroying IsraelPDFPrintE-mail
Friday, 16 November 2007 08:24
The agenda of the Bush continues to move forward as a "whirlwind" whose destiny is to cause havoc. There is no doubt today the easy lifestyle of Americans have made them lazy. For many do not believe that God would actually hold any nation accountable for what they do. This month Rice is pushing the administration’s line to bring the two state solution to the Land of Israel. It is there that this group of uninformed politicians from America would like to make its last stand, which for Israel would be the last.
In an interview the Israeli Journalist and author, Barry Chamish the subject of Israel always comes up. The subject is one, which Barry, who describes himself as a secular journalist, doesn’t put any religious ideas into what he writes. When the idea that Israel would actually continue to be in existence, Barry has a short, terse answer. "She will be completely destroyed". Further, Barry insists, that by "December", he expects Israel to be non existent. In our office we receive first hand reports from Israel all the time. The conclusion for many is that the United States is on the verge of completing its plan to bring in the two state solution, come hell or high water. Jerry Golden, a messianic Jewish minister in Jerusalem recently spoke on this subject. He said, and I agree that: "The politicians would like for you to believe that nothing has been decided on Israel’s surrender to the Islamic Arabs on the division of Jerusalem." Jerry continues by saying "but thanks to George Bush, Rice and God only knows who else, the lines have been drawn and Border Crossings and walls are going up as you read this article."