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Written by Chris Perver  
Sunday, 09 September 2007 09:58

I picked this particular news article today, for this day next month God willing, I will be heading for Eretz Yisrael! I am looking forward to being in the promised land, and I hope that it will not be too long before I am back there again in the Kingdom of God! Amen.

Israeli archaeologists have uncovered an extensive drainage tunnel, dating from the Second Temple era, that provided an escape route for Jews fleeing the sacking of the city by Titus and his armies in 70 AD. The tunnel runs underneath what would have been the main route into Jerusalem at the time of Christ. Archaeologists uncovered the tunnel while excavating the old road. Archaeologists said the discovery of the tunnel was significant, for it showed that even 2000 years ago, the rulers of Jerusalem cared enough for their people to construct a highly developed sanitary system that would channel rain water and sewage away from the city into the Kidron river. Such a drainage system was not common in the Middle East at that period, and not even in England until the Victorian period. 

Quote: "The walls - ashlar stones one meter deep - reach a height of 3 meters - in some places and are covered by heavy stone slabs that were the main road's paving stones, Shukron said. Several manholes are visible, and portions of the original plastering remain, he said. Pottery shards, vessel fragments and coins from the end of the Second Temple period were discovered inside the channel, attesting to its age, Reich said.   

The Jewish historian Josephus also recorded that this drainage system provided a refuge for the besieged Jews of Jerusalem during its destruction in 70 AD. But until now archaeologists did not know where this tunnel was located. One hundred metres of the drainage system have so far been uncovered, but it is believed the tunnel is around one kilometre in length runs from the Shiloah Pool to the Temple Mount and into the Kidron river. This is just the latest major discovery archaeologists have made in recent days relating to the Temple Mount. A few days ago, a seven metre wall belonging to the Second Temple was uncovered by the Jordanian Waqf during destruction work at the holy place. Of course the disciples would not have needed to use the drainage system to escape from Jerusalem. The Lord Jesus Christ gave the disciples 40 years advanced warning, how to recognize when the judgement from God was to come upon the city, and what course of action to take...

Luke 21:20-24
And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled. But woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days! for there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people. And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

Likewise, the Lord Jesus Christ has given us advanced warning of the judgement that will fall upon this world. Once again, it begins in Israel with the signing of a peace covenant, and will end with the nations of the world gathering together against Jerusalem to do battle. Only this time the Lord Himself is coming to deliver us from the judgement of this world. As was in 70 AD, I do not believe that the Lord will forsake His people, but He will snatch us away before He arises to shake terribly the earth. Are you saved? Have you been washed in the blood of the Lamb of God - the Lord Jesus Christ? God has given us solemn warning of what will come to pass. It is up to us to heed that warning and take the necessary course of action.

Source Jerusalem Post