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Written by Chris Perver  
Monday, 04 September 2006 00:00

The Community Security Trust has revealed that anti-Semitic attacks spiked in Britain during the Israeli-Hizbullah conflict in Lebanon. A total of 92 incidents were documented by the organization in July alone, the third highest figure ever recorded. I commented on some of the attacks during the conflict, which included a Israeli man and his wife being set on by a group of Muslims in a Turkish market and a concrete block thrown through the doors of a synagogue in Australia. Anti-Semitic attacks in Britain have increased by 75% since the 1990's, and as I reported previously, these figures are causing over 350 Jews per year to leave their home in Britain to live in Israel. It's a shocking statistic, for what is meant to be a modern, tolerant democracy.

Quote: "The CST said there had been 92 anti-Semitic incidents in Britain in July, coinciding with the conflict between Israel and Hizbollah in Lebanon. That was the third highest recorded monthly figure and while there were few violent incidents, it included death threats, hate-mail and the daubing of graffiti, such as "kill all Jews" scrawled over the home of a Jewish doctor in London. More seriously, a 12-year-old girl was beaten unconscious by seven youths on a London bus after being asked what her religion was. "The basic trend is now that we are seeing about 75 percent more incidents than we were during the 1990s and that's something that is really concerning," Gardner told Reuters.

But its not just British Muslims that are becoming increasingly intolerant of the Jewish people. Had I heard of the above incident, I wouldn't have hesitated to put it on the website. A 12 year old Jewish girl who was beaten until she was unconscious by a group of girls (Muslims?). The most shocking thing about this incident is that it was carried out on a London bus, and that no other person on the bus intervened to stop a violent attack that lasted for five minutes! Words fail me.

Quote: "One girl hit the victim around the face with her phone, slapped her several times, grabbed her hair and pulled her to the floor, where she was kicked and stamped on. She was left with a fractured eye socket, bruising and swelling to her face and chest. "All I remember is her stamping on my face," she said. "Me and my friend were screaming. Then I blacked out. There were four people on the bus who didn't do anything." After regaining consciousness, the girl and her friend tried to pull the bus doors open to escape. She said: "The driver heard the attack and didn't open the doors. A boy opened the doors for us and I ran off."

But more shocking than that, this story was completely ignored by the mainstream media when it happened (over a week ago). I should know, I check the news every day. I did my own Google search on this incident, and eventually I came across a news article detailing it. I counted a total of 4 websites that picked up on the story, The Scotsman, This Is Local London, Jewish Telegraphic Agency and Die J├╝dische. I'm not the only one that is absolutely dumbfounded that such an attack could take place in my country virtually unnoticed, while the news media concentrates on demonising Israel for so-called atrocities in Lebanon.

Quote: "A headline caught my eye on the daily alert Email from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and so I checked out the story: "Wow," I thought. "Probably the British press is all over this. Let's find out more." And so I headed to Google News. And there was a grand total of one account of what happened. By a local London paper. Not one national story. And it happened last weekend?! I asked my source of everything British and Jewish what was going on. She hadn't heard the story -- thought she might have seen in mentioned in the Jewish Chronicle.

Source Reuters, This is local London, An Unsealed Room