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Written by Chris Perver  
Wednesday, 06 September 2006 00:00

They won't meet with Hamas, but they will meet with one of the biggest terrorists in Northern Ireland. Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Ahmad Tibi met with Gerry Adams today, and discussed "discrimination" that was being perpetrated by the Jewish state against Arabs. Now if there was genuine discrimination against Arabs by Israel, I would be the first to condemn it.

Quote: "Adams was also interested in government allowances to Arab citizens. "I mentioned the October riots and the killing of 13 citizens by the police and we compared it to 'Bloody Sunday' in Northern Ireland," he said. Bloody Sunday took place on November 21, 1920, when the British massacred innocent Irish people in a soccer stadium in response to the actions of the IRA. "This is an educated man with broad perspectives who takes an interest in minorities all over the world. He feels the discrimination and oppression in his blood and he show empathy toward minorities and oppressed nations. I explained to him that the struggle of the Arab public is a political, public, and parliamentary struggle," said Tibi.

Actually, "Bloody Sunday" took place in Derry in January 1972, during the height of the troubles. The British army was ordered in to break up civil rights demonstrators. Derry is Republican heartland in Ulster. It is believed shots were fired at the army by IRA snipers, who then responded themselves killing 13 people. Sinn Fein leader and IRA member Martin McGuinness was one of the people present on that day, and as far as I know admitted off the record to having fired the first shots at the army. The "Bloody Sunday" inquiry was the UK's longest most expensive public enquiry.

Quote: "According to Tibi, "I would be happy and proud to meet with the leader and figure who fought for freedom and independence, who has resisted foreign rule of his country. I appreciate Gerry Adams and his activities as a symbol of the struggle for freedom and shaking off a foreign and oppressive regime."

That of course depends on who's side you are on. For hundreds of thousands of law-abiding residents in Ireland - Catholic and Protestant, North and South, Gerry Adams is a cold blooded killer. Thanks to people like him, the IRA brought death and bloodshed to the streets of Northern Ireland for over 30 years, murdering over 300 police men and women - some lynchings even caught on video, and over 1700 civilians. That's Gerry Adam's legacy of "freedom" and fighting an "oppressive regime". As regards "independence", a majority of the people of Northern Ireland still want to remain part of the United Kingdom. 

Source YNet News