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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 26 October 2006 00:00

At a first aid course this morning with several home-schoolers, and my Auntie Pamela and Uncle Desi, and my cousin Michael. Had a fantastic time :). 

The High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, met with President Abbas of the Palestinian Liberation Organization today on day two of his six day tour of the Middle East. Solana urged the Palestinian terrorist organizations to press on towards forming a unity government that the European Union would be able to work with. Yesterday. He also stated that both Israel and the Palestinians have an obligation to fulfil stage one of the roadmap to peace, despite the stalled process and despite Spanish Foreign Minister Moratinos calling for a completely new approach.  

Quote: "With the EU backing Abbas, Hamas has been forced to consider a role in a government that might recognise Israel, renounce violence and respect past peace agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. "Our objective is to see if the first steps toward movement have been made, to start the beginning of movement" toward a national unity coalition, the EU diplomat explained. "We'll see what we find and what analyses we can make first hand."

But Solana will have his work cut out for him, for as European leaders talk of peace, it seems Hamas and Fatah are intent on war. Rumours have surfaced that Fatah may be attempting to stage a coup in order to overthrow the Hamas-run Palestinian Authority, although President Abbas has denied these rumours. Civil war had threatened in the Gaza Strip earlier in the year, when members of Abbas' Fatah organization protested at Hamas-run offices over pay. Prime Minister Haniyeh had sent his 3000 strong army to dispel the protestors, killing a dozen people in the worst violence the region has seen for some time. Fatah terrorists have also previously threatened to kill Haniyeh, and sent a message to him last week by firing on his motorcade. Either by financial and political pressure from the EU, or by fightings from within, it seems the days of this Hamas government are numbered.

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