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Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 19 December 2006 17:00
Yes, that's me! The 10 Downing Street website were holding a live web chat yesterday, with Geoff Hoon, the Tony Blair's Europe Minister. Britons were given a chance to pose him questions on the UK's role in Europe. I thought that since the Prime Minister was in the Middle East, and the European Union is pressing hard for a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, that perhaps they might have some sort of time frame they are aiming for. If they do, Geoff isn't giving anything away. 

Quote: "Chris Perver: With international pressure on Israel and the Palestinians to bring about a lasting peace in the Middle East, and the EU spearheading efforts in this area with the Spanish peace initiative - adopted by the EU last Friday, and proposing monitors be deployed in Gaza, in what sort of time frame are EU leaders expecting some sort of peace agreement to be in place by? 

Geoff replies: It is important that the countries of the European Union play their part in helping to bring about a peace process in the Middle East. Over many years the EU has helped financially with the administration of the Palestinian authority, helping to provide the Palestinian people with the capacity they need to engage in real negotiations. It is important that we try and find a way back to a peace process which is why the Prime Minister has been in the region this week.

Well it was worth a shot anyway :).

Source 10 Downing Street